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Player Information
40px This user's time zone is Central Time.
File:V archetypeicon dominator.png This user's main villain is a Dominator.
32px This user plays City of Villains on the Champion server.
32px This user plays City of Heroes on the Protector server.
32px This user plays both City of Heroes and Villains on the Exalted server.
File:Total Altaholic.gif This user suffers from Altitis and possibly Altsheimers as well. Fortunately for this user, neglect of player characters is not a crime… yet.


About Me

I've played CoH/V for quite some time, convincing my brother to help me purchase City of Heroes after a preview for the (then) upcoming game piqued my interest. Even on an old computer with dialup, the game grabbed me...especially the power combinations, character builds, and costume creator. When CoV launched, I cleared it all, starting afresh on my own account and new computer. Yes, I was excited to play villains. I've been making characters in the game ever since, filling all possible character/costume slots I can. (Within certain servers, I have to have limits.) I love creating in this game, playing with friends, hunting badges, tweaking costumes, trying new power combos, tweaking costumes, planning character builds, tweaking costumes, writing backstories, tweaking get the idea.



18px Lv 50 18px18px Deathsman
18px Lv 50 18px18px Lady Vasilisa
18px Lv 50 18px18px Sipheon
18px Lv 50 18px18px Arachnon
18px Lv 50 18px18px Persephone Lee
18px Lv 48 18px18px Benjamin Pyre
18px Lv 41 18px18px Nenia
18px Lv 39 18px18px Gauldreg
18px Lv 38 18px18px Silent Seth
18px Lv 38 18px18px Watchman
18px Lv 35 18px18px Dr. Scourge
18px Lv 35 18px18px Mr. Plutonium
18px Lv 35 18px18px Arden Viles
18px Lv 33 18px18px Sir Bastion
18px Lv 32 18px18px Defolia
18px Lv 31 18px18px Viduate
18px Lv 31 18px18px Netheria
18px Lv 28 18px18px Frankenfrieda
18px Lv 25 18px18px Nurse Grace
18px Lv 25 18px18px Aranae
18px Lv 25 18px18px Ustula Frost
18px Lv 24 18px18px Toxicore
18px Lv 24 18px18px Scarlet Cinerary
18px Lv 22 18px18px Sam Harrow
18px Lv 22 18px18px Mu'Anath the Unbound
18px Lv 21 18px18px Leslie Froth
18px Lv 17 18px18px Onyxium
18px Lv 17 18px18px Phantast
18px Lv 17 18px18px Dark Diviner
18px Lv 15 18px18px Malicient
18px Lv 8 18px18px Dread Marksman
18px Lv 8 18px18px Supremia


18px Lv 50 18px18px Pyrolator
18px Lv 50 18px18px Prof. Klanke
18px Lv 50 18px18px Artemis Young
18px Lv 50 18px18px Ionaut
18px Lv 40 18px18px Captain Nimbus
18px Lv 33 18px18px PPD Guardian
18px Lv 32 18px18px Lady Gorgania
18px Lv 30 18px18px Lady Galacia
18px Lv 30 18px18px Agent Starstrike
18px Lv 23 18px18px Super Gadget Scout
18px Lv 22 18px18px ERAnt
18px Lv 22 18px18px Anadraeus
18px Lv 21 18px18px Smognaut
18px Lv 20 18px18px Dr. Atomo
18px Lv 15 18px18px The Human Marvel
18px Lv 15 18px18px Fiddlesticks
18px Lv 10 18px18px Thunderous Wind
18px Lv 10 18px18px Fidon't


18px Lv 29 18px18px Boot Sequence
18px Lv 23 18px18px Vacant
18px Lv 19 18px18px Solaria
18px Lv 15 18px18px Captain Corpse
18px Lv 15 18px18px Malignous