Bagha va giddha (Victory)

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CoH Game Icon.png Bagha va giddha
Level 28 • Originicon mutation.pngArchetypeicon scrapper.png
Claws / Regeneration
Flight • Fitness  
CoH Game Icon.png

Former pet, servant, gofer and whipping boy of a deranged but obscure mercenary geneticist — conducting illegal and unethical experiments for whoever could pay. Inevitably, such activities drew the attention of righteously indignant heroes, who arrived presently to stop him; during the chaos, the young Bengal tiger, tired of his so-called master’s tender mercies, turned on him and helped the heroes lay him low.

Filching an axe from the laboratory (must have once belonged to one of the doctor’s victims, he figures), he accepted the heroes' invitation to return with them to their home base. His days as a genetic guinea pig over, he registered as a hero himself under the name Bagha va giddha (Hindi for ‘tiger and eagle’, well aware of its consonance to Bhagavad Gita, ‘Divine Song’) and now strives to make up for the atrocities he once condoned by inaction and silence.