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The Wretch's Gift Arc ID: 1008 Author: @Aisynia

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Custom Character(s)
Circle of Thorns
Eimyrja is a custom Circle of Thorns boss that appears several times in missions during the story arc The Wretch's Gift. Initially appearing as an opponent, and standing as a challenge that must be overcome on multiple occasions, this goddess eventually aligns herself with those opposing The Nihilists; she appears as an ally in the final mission of the story arc.


Eimyrja Sometimes thought to be one of the daughters of the Trickster Diety Loki, Eimyrja work willingly with the Circle of Thorns, and wants nothing more than to watch the world burn.
Fire Blast Fire Blast
Sends a Blast of Fire at a targeted foe and sets the target on fire for a short period of time. Slower recharge rate than Flares, but more damage.
Flares Flares
A quick attack that throws flares at the target. Little damage, but very fast.
Incinerate Incinerate
Intense concentration can allow you to Incinerate an opponent at melee range. This will set your foe ablaze, dealing damage over time.


The Wretch's Gift Story Arc
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