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Badge ArchitectPlay.png This article contains information pertaining to content created through the use of the Mission Architect.
This information is considered non-canonical.
Grim and the green Arc ID: 61156 Author: @Quinch

Mission 1Mission 2Mission 3Mission 4Mission 5

Grim and the Green
Author: @Quinch
Arc ID: 61156
Arc Details
Arc Type: SOMA, canon-based
Level Range(s): 1-15
No. of Missions: 5
Mission Types: Mission 1:
Defeat All

Mission 2:
Defeat Boss and Guards, find clue

Mission 3:
Defeat Boss and Guards x5, find clue x5

Mission 4:
Ally escort

Mission 5:
Defeat Boss and Guards

Custom Enemies: "Businessman" {Boss}

Grimar {Elite Boss/Archvillain}

Enemies: V badge BattleDomeBadge.png Skulls
Difficulty: 5/10
Archvillains: 1
Allies: Death Head Buckshot, Spinesnap, Sergeant D'Amico, Officer Warshawski
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Story subject to minor tweaking; gameplay likely to remain unchanged


After receiving your hero license, your contact asks you to meet detective Brogan, who has apparently asked for you by name. You did not suspect a simple tipoff would send you headfirst into unmasking a budding drug conspiracy among the street gang known as the Skulls.


This vial still has a few drops of raw Superadine sticking to its walls, and is a memento of the events you remember as: The Grim and the Green

It started with a simple tip-off from an undercover police agent that the Skulls were planning to attack an underground dance club. The tip paid off, although you arrived too late to stop the Skulls from making off with their ill-gotten gains. You did, however, recover a map showing the location of their hideout.

You arrived at the warehouse and recovered much more than the contents of the Skulls' latest raid, but also stumbled across a meeting between the Skulls and a mysterious businessman awaiting a leader of the Skulls called Grimoire. With the help of Manuel Ferris, the policeman who told you about the club raid you defeated the mysterious man. Despite this, however, he revealed nothing.

Your contact informed you that this mysterious businessman was in fact Jimmy Five-Rings, a prominent underboss in the criminal organization known as "The Family". The word of your success also spread, scaring the members of the Skulls into moving a shipment of mysterious crates into a sewer. You raided the sewers and found out that the Skulls there were getting green skin and growing tusks. You took a few vials from the crates and returned to your contact.

He told you that what you saw were the early stages of Superadine addiction, a Family-manufactured drug which gradually turned its users into Trolls. You returned to the warehouse you investigated earlier to find the Skulls were back and combing the warehouse at Grimoire's orders. You defeated their boss who revealed that Grimoire was growing increasingly unstable and happily handed over Grimoire's location as well as revealing that he was in fact Jimmy Five-Rings' own son.

All that was left by that point was to bring Grimoire to justice. With the help of Paragon's finest, you battled the now fully-transformed Grimoire and emerged victorious, only to find out it was all for naught. While you were battling, someone stole into the police's evidence vault and made off with all the evidence you accumulated, making it impossible to make a court case with what little remained.

Arrest all partycrashers

Part one: Party Down


Good morning, $name. I've been hearing good things about you, so I'm glad the FBSA liaison for $origin heroes sent you over. The Department has always been stretched thin in Paragon, and the first Rikti war only made things worse. That's where you come in.

The PPD has worked with heroes ever since the Citizen Crime Fighting Act passed in 1937. That means that, to all intents and purposes, you have authority to act as a member of the Paragon City police department, but while doing so, you are bound by the same responsibilities of any police officer. Be polite, be respectful and only use necessary force no matter how badly the crooks deserve worse. Heroes like you are the face of the law in Paragon City as much as the men and women on the force itself. If you think you can handle that responsibility, then I have something I need your help with.

Mission acceptance

The PPD has a lot of undercover agents in Paragon's gangs - Skulls, Hellions, Family, even the Lost. It's unrewarding work, the hours are bad, the pay is lousy and sociopathic reprobates don't make for very good conversationalists. Sometimes we get lucky, though, and get information about heists before they happen. This could be one of those times.

I received a message from one of my agents under the Skulls that they're about to raid the Factory, one of Paragon's more prestigious nightclubs. Now, this is a bit outside their usual M.O. - they make the odd occasional attack whenever there's cash, but hitting something this high profile is bound to turn some heads, and that's unusual enough to worry me.

Could you go and look into it? We didn't get a timeframe for this, but the sooner you get there, the better. With any luck, you can get there before the Skulls do.

Unnecessary solicitation

I didn't get any word on that raid yet. Did you find out anything?

Mission Objective(s) The ticket booth is empty, droves of partygoers flee through the front door and sounds of fighting can be heard over the dull thud of the sound system. It looks like you arrived just in time.

  • Prevent Skulls attack
    • Arrest all partycrashers
Icon clue generic.png
A crude map
" After a little encouragement, Ashes tells you::
"We were just strapped for cash, I swear! Grim, sorry, Grimooaaahhhrr sent us here, told us to gut the place. I don't know why! I'll show you where the hideout is, all right? No need to get rough. We good now, right?""

Mission completion

"I haven't heard of this Grimoire, but we don't have much of a picture of the Skulls' leadership, especially since most of the bosses don't last long before being busted or ousted. Still, that safe house you mentioned looks like a good place to look next.

Oh, and by the way, $name? Good work."

Bust the Skulls hideout

Part two: Legitimate Business


"The address you have is registered to a German shipping company named Dunkel 1. They move most of their goods through Independence Port and to various retailers across the city. What paperwork I can pull up looks in order, but if the Skulls are using it as a hideout, there's no telling what you could find inside."

Mission acceptance

"Just one more thing - keep an eye out for Manuel Ferris, the agent who passed me the tip about the raid. He might know more about what's going on."

Unnecessary solicitation

"Well? Did you find anything?"

Mission Objective(s)
The warehouse door is unlocked - no security guards stop you, no workers are in sight, and no sound to be heard other than the clanking of weapons, heavy footsteps and malevolent laughter.

  • Bust the Skulls hideout
    • Look for clues
    • Find the warehouse foreman

Icon clue generic.png
Stolen things
"These cardboard boxes are filled to the brim with jewelry, electronics, credit cards, artifacts, art pieces and even military-grade weaponry. Other than their fungible value, however, the contents don't seem to have anything in common."

Icon clue generic.png
Skulls' treasure
"A cursory search of the warehouse yields even more boxes stuffed with stolen loot. There's no way the Skulls could have fenced it all without drawing attention to themselves, but if you've found even half of it, they must have been stockpiling their ill-gotten gains for weeks."

Mission completion
"I don't like the good-news-bad-news game, so I'll give it to you one by one. Jimmy Five-Rings, the Family thug you put down is our frequent customer, and unfortunately, he already has a pack of stoolies "testifying" that he was an innocent bystander kidnapped by the Skulls. They do this a lot, I'm afraid, and it flies far more often than I like - the Family's always had a presence in Paragon City, but they've been getting bolder lately. On the other hand, you've recovered about a month's worth of robbery, theft and breaking-and-entering evidence, something we just assumed was a random spike in crime. We'll have to make sure everything gets back to their owners, and I'm sure the men on the force will be grateful."

Destroy the Skulls' drugs

Part three: sludge


"Agent Ferris - thanks a lot for getting him out safe and unharmed, by the way - handed in his info. Most of it is routine stuff, considering that the group he was in were small fry, petty thugs with pennies in their eyes, but there's something that caught my eye. It looks like whatever deal they were brokering was part of an aspiring monopoly. This is odd in itself, considering the Skulls don't have the power to oust the other gangs, so as bad as it sounds, they might have stumbled on some new kind of designer drug and that makes it that more important that we shut it down in a hurry. Fortunately, between Manuel's information and one lucky break, I have a good idea on where they might be keeping their stash." Mission acceptance

"An officer on patrol in Galaxy City called in a few minutes ago reporting a group of Skulls moving a load of crates into the sewers. My guess is that they got word of your earlier raid and got spooked enough to try and move their supply in broad daylight. Needless to say, I want you to go in there and clean the place out. You don't need to arrest every single Skull in the place, though I wouldn't mind if you did, just make sure that whatever junk they're dealing in never gets to the streets of Paragon."

Unnecessary solicitation

"Did you find anything?"

Mission Objective(s)
There is a strange smell in here, floating on top of the sewer's already thick aroma.

  • Destroy the Skulls' drugs
    • 5 cliques to break up
    • 5 crates to find

Icon clue generic.png
A mysterious vial
"You took this vial from the already half-empty crate. It's filled with a viscous green fluid that seems to glow when you hold it up to the light. It doesn't look like any drug you've seen before."

Icon clue generic.png
Green skin
"It's almost imperceptible in the dim light of the sewers, but on closer examination, this Skull's skin is definitely taking on a dull greenish shade. Furthermore, several patches of his hair have fallen out, and a pair of tusks is starting to protrude from his lower jaw."

Mission completion
"You're saying that the Skulls were turning green? That... actually makes sense. Talk to me soon, I need to verify a few things."

Check the warehouse

Part Four: Family Ties


"Green, you say? With jutting teeth?

Are you familiar with the Trolls, $name? They've been occupying the Skyway City and what's been left of Eastgate for years now and are basically the result of prolonged Superadine use. This sample you brought me is concentrated 'Dyne, and if the Skulls you took down were drinking it, well, to tell you the truth, they're lucky to be alive.

The thing is, Superadine distribution has been strictly Family business up until now. Now, I didn't tell you this, but in the past weeks, we've been closing in on a few major Family operations. It could be that they're trying to offload the Superadine distribution on the Skulls, thus taking off some heat off themselves, especially if they don't have to do the footwork themselves to push that trash. Could you do me a favor and check out that warehouse again? The force already went through the place, but now that we know what we're looking for, you might find something that could lead us to the ringleader."

Mission acceptance

"This Grimoire connection still doesn't fit - try to find any clues as to where he's hiding or why the Family chose him to be in charge of the distribution. I doubt they just picked him off a list."

Unnecessary solicitation

"Did you find anything?"

Mission Objective(s)
The warehouse looks abandoned, but judging by the faint sounds of fighting in the back, not completely so.

  • Check the warehouse
    • Search for clues
    • Investigate the disturbance

Icon clue generic.png
A note
"The deal is going nowhere and there's capes coming. I'll get out the back door and get back at ten to grab whatever's left. Grim is nuts, but this is our ticket to the big leagues.

- Spines"
You check the time. It's two minutes past.

Icon clue generic.png
Daddy got him the job...
"Yeah, Grim sent me and the boys here to loot whatever's left. Damn greenie, like we didn't know the cops already gutted the place, but he just gave me that look, y'know? He's just a damn poser anyway. Acts all high and mighty, like we don't know his daddy got him the position. I dunno, some Family goon. Showed up one day, acted like he owned the place. Next thing I know, he's feeding us some bull about how he's gonna make us big, how we're gonna be rich, how he's gonna put us on the map, blah, blah, freakin' blah. Had us scavenge all over the place for this deal with the Family he was cooking up for this 'Dyne we'd be selling to the Trolls. Fat chance of that anyway, he's been sucking down those vials like they're orange juice. Anyway, if you wanna take him down, I'll show you this cave he's holed up in. Watch your step, though. He's... touchy."

Mission completion success
He's Jimmy Five-Ring's son? Oh, I should be surprised, I really should. He probably thought he was giving his son a leg up in the "legitimate business" and threw him headlong into something he couldn't handle. Still, we should bring him in. Skull or no, a life as a Troll is worse than he deserves.

Mission completion failure
Well, we managed to get Mr. Lao to the hospital. He's stable, if barely, but he's refusing to tell us anything. Luckily, we received a tipoff on Grimoire's whereabouts from a Hero Corps informant. That's going to set the budget back, but if we manage to nail the Family and Skulls on drug distribution and conspiracy charges, it's going to be worth it.

Bring Grimoire in custody

Part Five: Leadership


"Now that we know where Grimoire is hiding, the only remaining step is to bring him in. Be careful, though, if Grimoire has been overdosing on Superadine, he might be a tough cookie to break. Unless you're really confident about your abilities, I would strongly suggest bringing a few teammates with you. If worse comes to worse, I can also arrange for a couple of officers to assist you as well."

Mission acceptance

"Once we have Grimoire in custody, between your testimony and the evidence you've collected so far, we should have enough to make a solid court case of the Family's involvement in Dyne distribution. It won't stop them, of course, nothing is that easy, but with the number of high-ranking members this should put behind bars, they should have a hard time recovering."

Unnecessary solicitation

"Did you do it? Is Grimoire under arrest?"

Mission Objective(s)
This is it. By bringing Grimoire into police custody you can singlehandedly cripple the Skulls' and Family's prospective alliance.

  • Bring Grimoire in custody
    • (Optional) Call for backup
      • Meet with Sergeant D'Amico
      • Meet with officer Warshawski
    • Defeat Grimoire

Mission completion
"Great work! With Grimoire behind bars, we can get him to cooperate and testify against his uncle in return for a reduced sentence. Even stuffed with Dyne, all he ever was was a pampered boy whose family got him to where he is.

Except it doesn't matter.

While you were away, someone broke into the evidence vault and made off with the evidence. Samples, statements, recordings, everything vanished into thin air. All we have is yours and Grimoire's testimony, and without hard evidence, we don't have a case. I'm sorry, but this... all this, it's been for nothing. I wish I could give you some closure, but right now I need to find out whether the Family hired someone who could break into a secure vault and make off with several crates worth of evidence without a trace or whether we have a rat in the department, and to be honest, I'm not sure which option scares me more."