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Arrest all partycrashers

Part one: Party Down


Good morning, $name. I've been hearing good things about you, so I'm glad the FBSA liaison for $origin heroes sent you over. The Department has always been stretched thin in Paragon, and the first Rikti war only made things worse. That's where you come in.

The PPD has worked with heroes ever since the Citizen Crime Fighting Act passed in 1937. That means that, to all intents and purposes, you have authority to act as a member of the Paragon City police department, but while doing so, you are bound by the same responsibilities of any police officer. Be polite, be respectful and only use necessary force no matter how badly the crooks deserve worse. Heroes like you are the face of the law in Paragon City as much as the men and women on the force itself. If you think you can handle that responsibility, then I have something I need your help with.

Mission acceptance

The PPD has a lot of undercover agents in Paragon's gangs - Skulls, Hellions, Family, even the Lost. It's unrewarding work, the hours are bad, the pay is lousy and sociopathic reprobates don't make for very good conversationalists. Sometimes we get lucky, though, and get information about heists before they happen. This could be one of those times.

I received a message from one of my agents under the Skulls that they're about to raid the Factory, one of Paragon's more prestigious nightclubs. Now, this is a bit outside their usual M.O. - they make the odd occasional attack whenever there's cash, but hitting something this high profile is bound to turn some heads, and that's unusual enough to worry me.

Could you go and look into it? We didn't get a timeframe for this, but the sooner you get there, the better. With any luck, you can get there before the Skulls do.

Unnecessary solicitation

I didn't get any word on that raid yet. Did you find out anything?

Mission Objective(s) The ticket booth is empty, droves of partygoers flee through the front door and sounds of fighting can be heard over the dull thud of the sound system. It looks like you arrived just in time.

  • Prevent Skulls attack
    • Arrest all partycrashers
Icon clue generic.png
A crude map
" After a little encouragement, Ashes tells you::
"We were just strapped for cash, I swear! Grim, sorry, Grimooaaahhhrr sent us here, told us to gut the place. I don't know why! I'll show you where the hideout is, all right? No need to get rough. We good now, right?""

Mission completion

"I haven't heard of this Grimoire, but we don't have much of a picture of the Skulls' leadership, especially since most of the bosses don't last long before being busted or ousted. Still, that safe house you mentioned looks like a good place to look next.

Oh, and by the way, $name? Good work."