Grim and the green/Mission 2

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Bust the Skulls hideout

Part two: Legitimate Business


"The address you have is registered to a German shipping company named Dunkel 1. They move most of their goods through Independence Port and to various retailers across the city. What paperwork I can pull up looks in order, but if the Skulls are using it as a hideout, there's no telling what you could find inside."

Mission acceptance

"Just one more thing - keep an eye out for Manuel Ferris, the agent who passed me the tip about the raid. He might know more about what's going on."

Unnecessary solicitation

"Well? Did you find anything?"

Mission Objective(s)
The warehouse door is unlocked - no security guards stop you, no workers are in sight, and no sound to be heard other than the clanking of weapons, heavy footsteps and malevolent laughter.

  • Bust the Skulls hideout
    • Look for clues
    • Find the warehouse foreman

Icon clue generic.png
Stolen things
"These cardboard boxes are filled to the brim with jewelry, electronics, credit cards, artifacts, art pieces and even military-grade weaponry. Other than their fungible value, however, the contents don't seem to have anything in common."

Icon clue generic.png
Skulls' treasure
"A cursory search of the warehouse yields even more boxes stuffed with stolen loot. There's no way the Skulls could have fenced it all without drawing attention to themselves, but if you've found even half of it, they must have been stockpiling their ill-gotten gains for weeks."

Mission completion
"I don't like the good-news-bad-news game, so I'll give it to you one by one. Jimmy Five-Rings, the Family thug you put down is our frequent customer, and unfortunately, he already has a pack of stoolies "testifying" that he was an innocent bystander kidnapped by the Skulls. They do this a lot, I'm afraid, and it flies far more often than I like - the Family's always had a presence in Paragon City, but they've been getting bolder lately. On the other hand, you've recovered about a month's worth of robbery, theft and breaking-and-entering evidence, something we just assumed was a random spike in crime. We'll have to make sure everything gets back to their owners, and I'm sure the men on the force will be grateful."