Grim and the green/Mission 3

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Destroy the Skulls' drugs

Part three: sludge


"Agent Ferris - thanks a lot for getting him out safe and unharmed, by the way - handed in his info. Most of it is routine stuff, considering that the group he was in were small fry, petty thugs with pennies in their eyes, but there's something that caught my eye. It looks like whatever deal they were brokering was part of an aspiring monopoly. This is odd in itself, considering the Skulls don't have the power to oust the other gangs, so as bad as it sounds, they might have stumbled on some new kind of designer drug and that makes it that more important that we shut it down in a hurry. Fortunately, between Manuel's information and one lucky break, I have a good idea on where they might be keeping their stash." Mission acceptance

"An officer on patrol in Galaxy City called in a few minutes ago reporting a group of Skulls moving a load of crates into the sewers. My guess is that they got word of your earlier raid and got spooked enough to try and move their supply in broad daylight. Needless to say, I want you to go in there and clean the place out. You don't need to arrest every single Skull in the place, though I wouldn't mind if you did, just make sure that whatever junk they're dealing in never gets to the streets of Paragon."

Unnecessary solicitation

"Did you find anything?"

Mission Objective(s)
There is a strange smell in here, floating on top of the sewer's already thick aroma.

  • Destroy the Skulls' drugs
    • 5 cliques to break up
    • 5 crates to find

Icon clue generic.png
A mysterious vial
"You took this vial from the already half-empty crate. It's filled with a viscous green fluid that seems to glow when you hold it up to the light. It doesn't look like any drug you've seen before."

Icon clue generic.png
Green skin
"It's almost imperceptible in the dim light of the sewers, but on closer examination, this Skull's skin is definitely taking on a dull greenish shade. Furthermore, several patches of his hair have fallen out, and a pair of tusks is starting to protrude from his lower jaw."

Mission completion
"You're saying that the Skulls were turning green? That... actually makes sense. Talk to me soon, I need to verify a few things."