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Check the warehouse

Part Four: Family Ties


"Green, you say? With jutting teeth?

Are you familiar with the Trolls, $name? They've been occupying the Skyway City and what's been left of Eastgate for years now and are basically the result of prolonged Superadine use. This sample you brought me is concentrated 'Dyne, and if the Skulls you took down were drinking it, well, to tell you the truth, they're lucky to be alive.

The thing is, Superadine distribution has been strictly Family business up until now. Now, I didn't tell you this, but in the past weeks, we've been closing in on a few major Family operations. It could be that they're trying to offload the Superadine distribution on the Skulls, thus taking off some heat off themselves, especially if they don't have to do the footwork themselves to push that trash. Could you do me a favor and check out that warehouse again? The force already went through the place, but now that we know what we're looking for, you might find something that could lead us to the ringleader."

Mission acceptance

"This Grimoire connection still doesn't fit - try to find any clues as to where he's hiding or why the Family chose him to be in charge of the distribution. I doubt they just picked him off a list."

Unnecessary solicitation

"Did you find anything?"

Mission Objective(s)
The warehouse looks abandoned, but judging by the faint sounds of fighting in the back, not completely so.

  • Check the warehouse
    • Search for clues
    • Investigate the disturbance

Icon clue generic.png
A note
"The deal is going nowhere and there's capes coming. I'll get out the back door and get back at ten to grab whatever's left. Grim is nuts, but this is our ticket to the big leagues.

- Spines"
You check the time. It's two minutes past.

Icon clue generic.png
Daddy got him the job...
"Yeah, Grim sent me and the boys here to loot whatever's left. Damn greenie, like we didn't know the cops already gutted the place, but he just gave me that look, y'know? He's just a damn poser anyway. Acts all high and mighty, like we don't know his daddy got him the position. I dunno, some Family goon. Showed up one day, acted like he owned the place. Next thing I know, he's feeding us some bull about how he's gonna make us big, how we're gonna be rich, how he's gonna put us on the map, blah, blah, freakin' blah. Had us scavenge all over the place for this deal with the Family he was cooking up for this 'Dyne we'd be selling to the Trolls. Fat chance of that anyway, he's been sucking down those vials like they're orange juice. Anyway, if you wanna take him down, I'll show you this cave he's holed up in. Watch your step, though. He's... touchy."

Mission completion success
He's Jimmy Five-Ring's son? Oh, I should be surprised, I really should. He probably thought he was giving his son a leg up in the "legitimate business" and threw him headlong into something he couldn't handle. Still, we should bring him in. Skull or no, a life as a Troll is worse than he deserves.

Mission completion failure
Well, we managed to get Mr. Lao to the hospital. He's stable, if barely, but he's refusing to tell us anything. Luckily, we received a tipoff on Grimoire's whereabouts from a Hero Corps informant. That's going to set the budget back, but if we manage to nail the Family and Skulls on drug distribution and conspiracy charges, it's going to be worth it.