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Bring Grimoire in custody

Part Five: Leadership


"Now that we know where Grimoire is hiding, the only remaining step is to bring him in. Be careful, though, if Grimoire has been overdosing on Superadine, he might be a tough cookie to break. Unless you're really confident about your abilities, I would strongly suggest bringing a few teammates with you. If worse comes to worse, I can also arrange for a couple of officers to assist you as well."

Mission acceptance

"Once we have Grimoire in custody, between your testimony and the evidence you've collected so far, we should have enough to make a solid court case of the Family's involvement in Dyne distribution. It won't stop them, of course, nothing is that easy, but with the number of high-ranking members this should put behind bars, they should have a hard time recovering."

Unnecessary solicitation

"Did you do it? Is Grimoire under arrest?"

Mission Objective(s)
This is it. By bringing Grimoire into police custody you can singlehandedly cripple the Skulls' and Family's prospective alliance.

  • Bring Grimoire in custody
    • (Optional) Call for backup
      • Meet with Sergeant D'Amico
      • Meet with officer Warshawski
    • Defeat Grimoire

Mission completion
"Great work! With Grimoire behind bars, we can get him to cooperate and testify against his uncle in return for a reduced sentence. Even stuffed with Dyne, all he ever was was a pampered boy whose family got him to where he is.

Except it doesn't matter.

While you were away, someone broke into the evidence vault and made off with the evidence. Samples, statements, recordings, everything vanished into thin air. All we have is yours and Grimoire's testimony, and without hard evidence, we don't have a case. I'm sorry, but this... all this, it's been for nothing. I wish I could give you some closure, but right now I need to find out whether the Family hired someone who could break into a secure vault and make off with several crates worth of evidence without a trace or whether we have a rat in the department, and to be honest, I'm not sure which option scares me more."