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This page lists all currently relevant news headlines. The list will be displayed on the Main Page. Only major news relevant for the whole community should be displayed here. News are listed in reverse chronological order (latest news at the top).

News headlines

Article Guidelines

Welcome, traveler, to the Ouroboros Portal.

Information in a repository has to meet some kind of standards, and the Ouroboros Portal is no exception. Please review our Article Guidelines, and make any suggestions you may think of on the forum. These guidelines are currently a work in progress, so if you feel a rule is too restrictive, ambiguous, or even missing altogether, feel free to bring it up for discussion.

Ouroboros Portal Created

Welcome, traveler to the Ouroboros Portal, a repository for all things related to the heroes and villains of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. This site exists to supplement the Paragon Wiki with news and information that is not part of the official canon of the cities.

Archived News

No archived news at this time.