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Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Continuing on Our Course

I, Mender Quist, wanted to make sure to announce a few aesthetic sprucings up that you, seeker, may have noticed on our main page. This page has been given a color scheme more complimentary to my fellow Menders, as well as making its design a bit more similar to that of the Paragon Wiki.

Further, oh seeker of knowledge, I implore you to continue to add information to the repository, being sure to follow the article guidelines and make any suggestions you may think of on the forum. As a representative of the Menders and official historian, I am glad that we can continue on our course toward comprehensive knowledge of that which has (and will) occur in our world.

My excitement when browsing these many pages is truly great, it has saved me a good deal of time... as it were. Thank you, again, one and all.