Old Man Marley (Virtue)

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Old Man Marley

Old Man Marley is a level 21 Natural Tanker on the Virtue server, played by @Patteroast. His primary powerset is Willpower and his secondary powerset is Battle Axe. He has pool powers from the Flight set.

Old Man Marley was created on October 9, 2007 as a Willpower/War Mace named Road Salter during beta testing. He was remade on live on November 28, 2007 as a Willpower/Battle Axe named Old Man Marley.

Old Man Marley is a member of the Gravy Train supergroup.


He might scare little kids sometimes, but Old Man Marley just wants to keep his neighborhood safe and snow-free.


Willpower: High Pain Tolerance (1), Mind Over Body (2), Indomitable Will (6), Rise to the Challenge (8), Fast Healing (10), Quick Recovery (12), Heightened Senses (18)

Battle Axe: Beheader (1), Gash (4), Taunt (16), Swoop (20)

Flight: Fly (14)

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