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Orion's Hammer is a supergroup on Victory server.

Emblem Wreath.png


Orion's Hammer is one of the oldest supergroups on the Victory server, founded in January, 2005, by Orion's Tank. The current leader of the supergroup is Heraclea, who took over the reins of the supergroup in 2007. Heraclea is also the chief base architect. Originally named after Orion's Tank, the founder, the name also bears homage to Orion, the mighty hunter of mythology.


While Orion's Hammer has and welcomes heroes of either sex, the chief purpose of the supergroup today is to serve as a home for Amazon or Amazon-trained heroes of New Colchis, and 80% of the currently active players are female.


The ranks of the supergroup are:

  • Consul
  • Eques
  • Centurio
  • Miles
  • Tiro


The symbol of Orion's Hammer is the laurel wreath. The current supergroup colors are black and gold. There is no uniform for the supergroup generally, although New Colchis heroes tend to follow classical models in dress.


Active members include:


Orion's Hammer has a full featured supergroup base, with teleporters to every zone, an Oracle, a Pillar of Ice and Flame, crafting and empowerment tables, and a full complement of storage items (two inspiration, three enhancement, one private invention salvage vault, and twelve public salvage racks).