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* <article naming guidelines>
* <article naming guidelines>
===Global Handles===
* While not required, players can create their own [[paragonwiki:Global Chat Handle|global name]] page, in the form of '''@Global Name''', like the following:
** [[@Aggelakis]]
** [[@Taxibot Belle]]
* It should be a redirect, pointing either to the player's user page, or to a character whom they identify most with.
* It should be included in the category [[:Category:Global Handles|Global Handles]].
See [[:Category:Global Handles]] for an explanation of the wiki code to accomplish this.
===Name Conflicts===
===Name Conflicts===

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Apologies, fellow Entrusted One. It appears our records are unfinished in regards to this entity. As such, please feel free to assist our Menders in adding your knowledge to this repository. Thank you for your understanding...

Subject Matter

Adult Material

City of Heroes is rated T for Teen. This roughly corresponds to PG-13, which is a little more lenient than T for Teen and the guidelines that Ouroboros Portal will be using. PG-13, in a nutshell, allows the following:

  • sexual content (but no actual sex acts)
  • some strong language and innuendo
  • mature themes
  • political themes
  • terror
  • intense action violence
  • drug references

Images uploaded to the Ouroboros Portal should be suitable for a T for Teen game, not a PG-13 movie. No nudity or partial nudity, no sexual content, no overt drug use. A good rule of thumb: if the Official Forums wouldn't allow it, neither will Ouroboros Portal.

Note: Inclusion of adult articles and images may be revisited in the future when there is a higher population of users on the Portal.

Illegal Activities

Child pornography is not allowed to be hosted here, nor linked to from here. Content that promotes, incites, or advocates hate, violence, or discrimination based on race, national origin, gender, sexuality, or religion is not allowed to be hosted or linked to.

Articles that refer to illegal activities are fine so long as they do so within PG-13 guidelines.

If any individual sees an article that they feel blatantly exceeds the guidelines, they must raise the concern (with explanation) on the article's talk page. If the person with the concern and the person who posted the content cannot come to an agreement on how to proceed, then an admin gets drafted in to help settle the dispute. Outside of that, admins only directly intervene in cases where things are clearly out of bounds.


  • <what is and is not allowed>
  • <proper tagging on articles of questionable nature (assuming 'adult' stories and/or backgrounds are allowed)>
  • <site ban on nudes, artistic nudes, and explicit pictorial content?>


  • Links should not be used in headings.

Article Names

Character Articles

Name conflict resolution is found below.
  • Character bio pages should be created in the main namespace, in the form of Character Name (Server Name), like the following:
  • A redirect should be created at the serverless page, pointing to the server-included page, like the following:

Supergroup Articles

Name conflict resolution is found below.

Fiction Articles

Name conflict resolution is found below.
Fan Canon
Fan canon means that a person or group of people have created their own story lines that may diverge from the official story of the game. This can include anything from a signature character having children, to an alternate dimension, to completely ignoring the game story and coming up with new content from the ground up.
  • <article naming guidelines>
Character Stories
Character stories can contain fan canon or true game story lines, or both.
  • <article naming guidelines>

Global Handles

  • While not required, players can create their own global name page, in the form of @Global Name, like the following:
  • It should be a redirect, pointing either to the player's user page, or to a character whom they identify most with.
  • It should be included in the category Global Handles.

See Category:Global Handles for an explanation of the wiki code to accomplish this.

Name Conflicts

The inevitable happens: Two characters, two supergroups, or a character and a supergroup having the same name are created on the Ouroboros Portal. The steps to overcome confusion are as follows:

  1. Change the serverless page from a redirect into a disambiguation page.
    • Include links to all characters and supergroups who share the name, including their server flags, like the following:
  2. Create the new character(s) or supergroup(s) using the naming guidelines above: Characters and Supergroups.
  3. Add {{OtherusesSG}} to the top of supergroup pages, or {{OtherusesChar}} to the top of character pages, that the redirect links to. If the page is neither a supergroup nor a character, use {{Otheruses}}.

Please add one of the following templates to the bottom of all disambiguation articles:

Note: If a character is named the same as an in-game entity, place the following template at the top of the page to inform the viewer:


<add bits about who and when its okay to edit others articles>

  • <sg when in sg>
  • <story?>
  • <character, assumed only when with permission or moving page name as per naming conflict rules>
  • <Mission Architect Arc>
  • <other type of content>