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Subject Matter


  • Links should not be used in headings.

Article Names

Name Conflicts

Naming conflicts will sometimes occur here as this wiki is a compilation of all "City Of" Franchise servers. When a conflict does occur, the existing page should be moved to "<current pagename> (<server that page applies to>)", which automatically creates a redirect at <current pagename>. The redirect should then be altered into a disambiguation page (please remember to add it to Category:Disambiguation) linking to the moved page, and then proceed to add your own page as per the above naming scheme.

Ex: Lost Scruffy Clockwork should become Lost Scruffy Clockwork (Guardian), and you would then add your page, Lost Scruffy Clockwork (Justice), with Lost Scruffy Clockwork now listing both as links.

In the case of a conflict of names between a group and a character on the same server, the character will retain the above mentioned naming format (Lost Scruffy Clockwork (Justice)) and the group should be altered or added as "<current pagename> (<server that page applies to> Supergroup)" (ex: "Lost Scruffy Clockwork (Justice Supergroup)"), with both being listed on the disambiguation page. This only applies when the naming conflict is between a group vs a person.