Plex Tempest (Champion)

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CoV Game Icon.png Plex Tempest (Gregor Eugene Ikalanou)
Level 21 • Originicon mutation.pngV archetypeicon mastermind.png
Thugs / Storm Summoning
Flight • Fitness  
CoV Game Icon.png


  • Thugs HirePosse.png Protoplex • Dichoplex • Thermoplex
  • Thugs EnlistLieutenant.png Psychoplex • Paraplex
  • Thugs EnlistBoss.png Isoplex

Gregor is much older than he seems, due to his mutant ability to create fully autonomous organic bodies and distribute his psyche among them. His current primary body is several iterations removed from his original body, although he does try to maintain a semblance of similarity from body to primary body.

Although he is able to manufacture and command a theoretically unlimited quantity of bodies, he did suffer a period of temporary insanity caused by extreme sensory overload. These days, he voluntarily limits himself to fifteen bodies or so.

Gregor is also able to alter his physiology, and to a much lesser extent that of others, to increase or decrease a body's elasticity, flexibility, durability, or structural integrity (very handy for healing wounds), among other effects.

This ability, rather than any kind of rigorous exercise or dietary regime, is what keeps him fit and muscular. Combined with a greatly increased lifespan, Gregor has grown rather jaded and indulgent, seeking out creature comforts wherever he can.

Over the years, Gregor's many bodies have suffered many interesting fates (and deaths), such as becoming a Devoured, a War Wolf, and a zombie, eaten by Hydra, dismembered for Vahzilok parts, and absorbed into Rularuu. Gregor describes these as "unpleasant incidents" and strives to avoid repeat performances.