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Provides an at-a-glance summary of your character's essential data. Changes color to correspond with alignment, but you must manually specify alignment. This character summary template was intentionally constructed to emulate the character selection screen; the spacer option is provided to stand in for empty slots.


{{MiniChar|level=50|origin=Mutation|archetype=Blaster|align=Hero|name=Henry Hero}}

Align Status Hero.png Lv 50 Originicon mutation.pngArchetypeicon blaster.png Henry Hero

{{MiniChar|level=50|origin=Magic|archetype=Mastermind|align=Villain|name=Victor Villain}}

Align Status Villain.png Lv 50 Originicon magic.pngV archetypeicon mastermind.png Victor Villain

{{MiniChar|level=50|origin=Technology|archetype=Stalker|align=Rogue|name=Robert Rogue}}

Align Status Rogue.png Lv 50 Originicon technology.pngV archetypeicon stalker.png Robert Rogue

{{MiniChar|level=50|origin=Science|archetype=Controller|align=Vigilante|name=Vivian Vigilante}}

Align Status Vigilante.png Lv 50 Originicon science.pngArchetypeicon controller.png Vivian Vigilante

{{MiniChar|level=50|origin=Natural|archetype=Dominator|align=Loyalist|name=Linda Loyalist}}

Align Status Loyalist.png Lv 50 Originicon natural.pngV archetypeicon dominator.png Linda Loyalist

{{MiniChar|level=50|origin=Natural|archetype=Defender|align=Resistance|name=Roy Resistance}}

Align Status Resistance.png Lv 50 Originicon natural.pngArchetypeicon defender.png Roy Resistance


SGroup icon Rank03.png