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Badge ArchitectPlay.png This article contains information pertaining to content created through the use of the Mission Architect.
This information is considered non-canonical.
The Great Heronapping Arc ID: 554056 Author: @Corlagon

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Part Two: The Trolls

Medium size map, level range 5-20. Contains Boss, Release Captive, Ally.

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
We were lucky that the Skulls and the Trolls were arguing. Now they blame each other for their defeat. And to get back at the Trolls, one of the Skulls told us the location of their cave – apparently the one where they were going to take the heroes. Do you have time to check it out?

Check the Troll cave

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
I'm currently busy at Freedom Corps, but we must follow any lead that might help us rescue the Trolls' slaves.

Oh, it was also said that Crey Industries might be involved with this, but it didn't sound very credible.

Save the heroes

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
This might be another trap, but they might as well hold more captured heroes there.

You have found the Troll cave. Now to look for involuntary workers.

  • 5 people to save
  • Defeat enemy leader


Trolls Trolls

Notable NPCs

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Technobasher's information
"These scumbags traffic in persons. They keep normal people as slaves and sell heroes to scientists who work for Crey. But Crey wasn't interested in cyborgs like us, so they were going to sell us to someone else instead. I hope you find and beat the hell out of them!"

Azure Huntress
Azure Huntress
Great work. You haven given a lot of people their freedom back.

However, the existance of an actual trafficking ring is horrible. Let's hope the Trolls you arrested will reveal to whom they tried to sell the heroes. I can't tell whether those scientists actually work for Crey Industries, but as that corporation isn't exactly known here for being humane, I fear the worst.

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