The Nihilist Marshal

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The Wretch's Gift Arc ID: 1008 Author: @Aisynia

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The Nihilist Marshal
Custom Character(s)
The Nihilists
The Nihilist Marshal is a custom Archvillain that appears in the final mission of the story arc The Wretch's Gift. He is the leader of the Nihilists, and the mastermind behind their plan to misuse the Ritual of Alka'Ta in order to destroy the universe.

The Nihilist Marshal

The Nihilist Marshal These operatives have taken the concepts of nihilism to an entirely new level. Not only does life have no purpose, it needs to be extinguished! All of it! Everywhere! The Marshal is the man behind it all, and he possesses powerful elemental magic!
Charged Bolts Charged Bolts
You can quickly hurl small bolts of electricity at foes, dealing some damage and draining some Endurance. Some of this Endurance may transfer back to you. Charged Bolts deals light damage but recharges quickly.
Havoc Punch Havoc Punch
The Havoc Punch is a slower attack than Charged Brawl, but makes up for it with a greater damage. Havoc Punch can drain some Endurance from your target and may overload his synapses, leaving him writhing for a moment. A portion of the drained Endurance may be given back to you. Disturbing an overloaded target will disperse the electrical charge and release him.
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt
You can send a large blast of electrical energy at a foe, dealing heavy damage and draining some Endurance. Some of this Endurance may transfer back to you. Lightning Bolt deals more damage than Charged Bolts, but recharges more slowly.
Zapp Zapp
A focused electrical blast that can travel great distances with high Accuracy. Zapp drains Endurance, and is best fired from a distance, as it can be interrupted. Some of the Endurance you drain may transfer back to you.


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