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The Wretch's Gift Arc ID: 1008 Author: @Aisynia

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Although it hurts to think about her, the Wretch is afraid for his sister Pia, who has gone missing. Help the Wretch uncover a sinister plot involving the wayward Fortunata, save the universe, and just, perhaps, reunite a brother and sister.

Search the Arachnos base for clues about the "Lil' Talky Men"
Large size map, level range 1-54. Contains Boss, Collection, A Defendable Object, Patrol


The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch sad!

[He almost seems like he's going to cry...]

Widow say sister gone! Taken! Widow not happy when Wretch not happy... Wretch want Widow to be happy... but Wretch sad! So Wretch gotta be Happy... for Widow... that means Wretch find sister!

Widow say lil' talky men broke down 'Rachnos base and took sister! Wretch ... MAD! Wretch want find lil' talky men!

But.. Widow say Wretch not good with krit-uh-kul thinking. So Wretch ask you go look! You find talky men, then Wretch SMASH lil' talky men. Wretch give paper, it tell you where to go!


Mission Acceptance

The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch say please!

[The Wretch smiles... or at least he tries.]


The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch wonder... Pia like strawberry.. or chocolate..?

[The Wretch suddenly seems to realize you're there...]

Oh. Hi! Find talky men yet?

Mission Objectives

Arachnos intelligence can be somewhat unreliable. It seems the lil' talky men are still here... and they don't seem very interested in talking either! Or at least, not much...

  • Search for Clues
  • Defeat Alvarez
  • Defeat Jackson
    • Defend the Mainframe

Mission Clues

Icon clue generic.png
Arachnos Surveillance
This is a video that shows Seer Marino being kidnapped by a large man, dressed very similarly to the other Nihilists. A leader perhaps? Either way, this is unequivocal evidence that they took her, as opposed to this raid being a coincidence (people do attack Arachnos bases quite often).

Icon clue generic.png
Data Cube
A small hologram of a shadowy figure appears:

"Alvarez, don't mess this up. This is too important. The Anchor is VITAL to the destruction of the universe. I cannot stress this enough. Make sure our escape is covered properly, the Ritual of Alka'Ta musn't be interru-"

It abruptly ends.

Icon clue generic.png
The Nihilists and their plans!
This data Cube says these people are the Nihilists, and they want to wipe out all life in the universe! Including you! This is the cleanup crew, and they plan on destroying one of the primary mainframes, which would set off the auto-destruct! Arachnos or not, a lot of people work in this building!

Icon clue generic.png
The Nihilistic Directive Pt. 1
Well it seems Seer Pia Marino wasn't kidnapped by ordinary bad guys. These Nihilists are serious headcases, and want to bring about the end of the entire universe! Pia may be the "anchor" mentioned in Alvaraez' Data Cube. You should tell the Wretch about this.


V badge BattleDomeBadge.png The Nihilists

Notable NPCs

NPC Dialogue


The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch... Wretch...

[The Wretch sighs...]

Wretch mad! Wretch.. sad... happy! Wretch so confused...

[He takes a deep breath and seems to concentrate really, really hard...]

Wretch happy 'cause we closer to find sister... Wretch sad 'cause sister still gone... Wretch MAD 'cause they took her!!

We find and crush lil' talky men!

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