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The Wretch's Gift Arc ID: 1008 Author: @Aisynia

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Although it hurts to think about her, the Wretch is afraid for his sister Pia, who has gone missing. Help the Wretch uncover a sinister plot involving the wayward Fortunata, save the universe, and just, perhaps, reunite a brother and sister.

Save Pia! And the universe!
Unique map, level range 40-47. Contains Boss, A Destructible Object, Ally


The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch say please, new best friend help Wretch one more time?

[The Wretch grins with excitement...]

'Rachnos smarty guy say blinky on the in-vur-tur stop in Croatoa. That where Wretch sister Pia is!

[The Wretch cracks his knuckles...]

Wretch go with new best friend to CRUSH lil' talky men! Save Pia!

'Rachnos smarty guy say gotta save universe too... that seem real smart. So we CRUSH lil' talky men leader, Marshal! No time talk more, let's go.


Mission Acceptance

The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch happy! Wretch excited! Wretch meet you there!


The Wretch
The Wretch
We not go!?

Mission Objectives

There is a really sick and deathly feeling in the air, almost as if the universe itself trembles in fear...

  • Meet up with the Wretch
    • Rescue Pia Marino
    • Defeat the Marshal
    • Destroy the Particle Inverter
  • Ally with Eimyrja (optional)

Mission Clues

Icon clue generic.png
The end of the world as we kn- oh wait.
Intentionally or not, The Nihilist Marshal is dead. Hopefully, without his leadership, no one will ever try this again.

Icon clue generic.png
Pia's Words
"Thank you very much {name}. I am glad it was Paolo, and I am glad you where with him. It makes me so happy to see him, and yet, pains me so thoroughly. He is a kind, and gentle soul, and I hope, one day, he can be free of his burdens. Before the accident, we were inseparable.. I miss him so."


The Nihilists The Nihilists

Notable NPCs

NPC Dialogue


The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch so happy!

[The Wretch hugs you tightly and sequeels with glee...]

Wretch sister Pia safe! Pia ok! Wretch happy! Now Ghost-lady happy too! Wretch gave Pia a flower and some ice cream...

But then Wretch leave again...

[The Wretch suddenly lapses into what can only be described as a profound sadness...]

Hurt to think about Pia... and fire... and Ghost-lady before she Ghost-lady. Had to save Pia though... I say "I love you" and Wretch cry!

But Wretch have to be Wretch! And Wretch with Widow. Maybe one day.. Widow find peace.. the Wretch, go be brother again maybe? Wretch likes that.

You good friend. Bye.

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