Devil's Spark (Union)

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Devil's Spark Bust.jpg
Devil's Spark
Player: @Devil's Own
Server: Union
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Alexis McBride
Known Aliases: None
Human/Demon Hybrid
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 168lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Brunette
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isle native
Occupation: Temporal Terrorist
Place of Birth: New Haven, Cap Au Diable
Base of Operations: The Shadow Eye Temple
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Devil's Harlot (Mother)
Known Powers
Electrokinetic, Flight
Known Abilities
Ninjitsu, Fitness
Implanted nanotech, Nightvision goggles
No additional information available.

Devil's Spark is the name used by an individual currently operating in the Rogue Isles as a mercenary for hire. Electrically powered and trained in martial arts she specialises in disruptive assaults and sabotage.


To say Devil's Spark is unstable would be an understatement. After witnessing the brutal torture and murder of her mother as part of the internacine warfare which overtook the Rogue Isles in the alternate future she came from and forging a pact with a daemon in order to travel back in order to use her knowledge of the future for her own personal gain Spark's grasp on what is real is tenuous at best. Constantly confusing her memories with current events and mistaking people for their grandchildren as well as trying to reshape the world to something more in line with what she once knew has marked her as an oddball loose cannon who not even Arachnos have been able to rein in.



Naturally gifted with the power to generate large electrical charges within her body, it wasn't until Alexis underwent a radical series of implantation surgeries embedding nanotechnology into her nervous system that she became able to control the charge. Slowly learning new ways to focus and channel the power Devil's Spark can be a very demanding opponent in close combat.


Growing up under her mother's watchful eye Devil's Spark was trained by Devil's Harlot in the art of stealth and the quiet kill. Although she prefers a more direct style of combat than her mother used Spark took the lessons to heart, using the skills to get herself into places where others simply would not be able to, before causing as much damage as possible.


Along with using her electrically charged ability to cause damage Devil's Spark has learned how to use it to generate inverse electromagnetic fields. These fields allow her to break free of the Earth's own gravitational field, letting her soar through the air. So far her aerodynamic abilities leave a lot to be desired, but luckily her naturally tough physiology has allowed her to survive slamming through the occasional wall.


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While her stealth abilities allow her to get close to a target before striking Devil's Spark prefers to go in all guns blazing. With her electrical abilities able to drain the strength of even the most powerful adversary she simply batters her targets into submission. When faced with an opponent simply too tough to wear down she blends into the shadows, licking her wounds but soon on the offensive once more.


Highly effective in close combat against even the most powerful targets; Evasive and elusive making her difficult for the enemy to counter attack; Flight ability and speed allow her to move quickly between targets


Gung-ho attitude often leaves her in situations where her natural resiliance isn't enough to protect her. Lacking long-term endurance for longer battles

Character History

Originally born in early 2010 Alexis McBride was the product of a one-night stand between her mother Beatrice "Devil's Harlot" McBride and an unknown electrically powered hero from Paragon City. When she learnt of her pregnancy her mother abandoned her budding life of crime and moved to the relatively safe area of the Rogue Isles known as New Haven. Having gathered enough money during her short criminal career Beatrice set up a comfortable home and was able to afford top medical care during the pregnancy, which seemed to have gone off without a hitch.

Daemon Child

Unfortunately not all was as it seemed. A couple of days before Alexis had been conceived Beatrice had imbibed a magical potion designed to enhance her abilities making her a better supervillain. What the potion had actually done was to open a portal into our realm for a daemonic entity to enter through and it had taken up residence within her subconscious mind. Sensing the new life sharing its host's body the daemon migrated to the infant, shaping its young mind to better suit its diabolical purpose.

Early in life Alexis manifested electrokinetic abilities, partly under the guidance of the Voice in her head which enabled her to learn to control this ability far more quickly than would normally have been possible. With her mother working hard as a researcher in the Cap Au Diable University she was given a lot of freedom in her childhood, something which she abused in order to fulfill her own desires.

Chaos and Corruption

Bat'Zul the Imprisoned, the Beast beneath the mountain

Around her the city was going to ruin. When Bat'Zul the Imprisoned escaped his confinement in 2016 he ravaged a large chunk of Cap Au Diable before eventually being banished by a joint Arachnos/Longbow/Circle Of Thorns task force. The damage was already done by then, with the city in ruins and the much vaunted PTS power grid destroyed Dr Aeon soon found his governorship, and his life, under threat by Lord Recluse. Taking what he saw as the next logical step Dr Aeon drained the last of the power from the island's supply in order to open a dimensional rift, which he promptly used to escape into an alternate reality.

The city descended into chaos, the remaining citizens forming into gangs for their own protection and to acquire the basic necessities needed to survive. Remaining apart from the brewing gang war Beatrice concentrated all her efforts into researching a possible solution to the energy crisis, spending more of her time in the ruins of the university where she and a small group of other scientists had managed to claw together enough equipment to allow their experiments to continue.

Meanwhile Alexis thrived, the Voice's guidance allowing her to use her abilities to dominate her local community. Even as a small girl she still managed to best seasoned street fighters and soon came to the attention of the Freakshow, who saw her electrical powers as a great source of energy for their own uses. When they decided to attack they struck at night, as Beatrice was on her way home they kidnapped her, holding her as bait to lure the young girl into their trap. As soon as she heard her mother was being held captive Alexis struck out to free her, but not out of love or loyalty, simply to teach those who had stolen something from her that they couldn't expect to get away with taking her stuff!

Battery Pack

The Freakshow were prepared for her though, with their experience and the skill of their own electrically powered forces they managed to subdue Alexis, holding her captive while demanding she charge up their cybernetic implants with her electrical energy. For weeks she was held, all the while watching as her mother was beaten and abused in order to ensure her cooperation, and all the while planning her escape.

With the guidance of the Voice Alexis managed to reverse the polarity of her own electrical field, and when the Freaks returned to charge they found that instead of gaining the child's power for themselves they were instead drained, their implants lifeless and immobile leaving them at the small child's mercy. It's a shame for them that she didn't have any.

Escape came to late for her mother though, the weeks of brutalisation and defilement had caused too much damage for her body to recover from, especially with the limited medical facilities available in the broken city. She died the next morning, laying in bed as her daughter brutally rampaged her way across the city, killing all Freaks she could find. By the time she returned home her mother's corpse was cold and dead.

Boot Camp

Grand Marshal Brass, Arachnos Governor of Cap Au Diable.

When news of the young child's achievements reached the ears of Grand Marshal Brass, the commander of the small Arachnos contingent on the east of the island, he immediately ordered her to be drafted into his forces. Soon Alexis found herself sharing the barracks with the Arachnos troops, being given a fair share of the rations and access to the medical and armoury facilities of the only true military force operating on Cap Au Diable. Having spent the last few years living a subsistence lifestyle on the streets of the city the young girl thought she was in heaven.

Building on the training her mother had given her in ninjitsu skills Alexis honed herself into a warrior, able to act in support of her comrades as an effective soldier, and she soon found herself propelled up the ranks of the organisation and being given access to sensitive technologies most people would never know of. One such technology was a daemon portal which led to a realm controlled by a being capable of controlling time itself.

Back In Time

With the Voice whispering in her ear Alexis formed a plan. If she were to travel back in time she'd be able to use her knowledge of the future to take control of the city herself. With the PTS grid still intact and the daemon Bat'Zul contained she'd be able to forge a new world under her own control. With such power she'd soon be able to face Lord Recluse himself and perhaps even take over Arachnos, Paragon City and the entire world.

Ears ringing with the adoration of the masses calling her name Alexis stepped through the portal and faced the daemon. A bargin was struck and she soon found herself thrown back in time as she'd requested, but that was as far as her plan succeeded. Tricked by the daemon Alexis had been thrown back too far, mere days after her mother's one-night stand, and what was worse this reality had diverged from her own meaning that her conception had failed to occur. The laws of temporal travel had also taken their toll, the scaling effect of her powers stripping her down to only the most basic abilities.

The Voice meanwhile rejoiced. With its host so utterly broken it was able to bring its own will to bear even more than ever, its influence perverting Alexis's features, twisting her face into a monstrous visage. With access to the young girl's memories and skills the Voice set out to carry out her plan as best it could. But first it would need to reshape the world into one it recognised, which meant destroying the city and releasing Bat'Zul.

Threat Identification Report

Devil's Spark Profile Card.jpg

Alternate Costumes

Devil's Spark, ready for action

Main Costume

While she has no qualms showing her true form, Devil's Spark has learnt with experience that her less than human appearance can hamper her business dealings. This has led to her developing a costume which allows her to pass amongst the other villains of the Rogue Isles without comment. As well as hiding her unusual face her costume also gives Spark plenty of storage for whatever small items she may encounter on her travels, and with her magnetic fingers the number of valuable items which seem to vanish whenever she passes by make such storage essential. The costume also incorporates lightweight armour weave polymer plating which gives Spark some limited protection from both baseball bats and light arms fire.

While performing a mission for Kalinda out of Mercy Island Devil's Spark was given the opportunity to travel to Paragon City and steal the cape from a hero who was tasked with protecting two famous commemorative statues. Although she was successful in her task the cape she recovered was slightly damaged in the ensuing violence which left the town packed with the bodies of Longbow agents and the eviscerated remains of the hero. Now she wears the tattered remnants of the cape as a trophy of her victory.

Alexis McBride in her favourite hangout, Pocket D

Casual Wear

When not on a murderous rampage through Paragon City or hunting valuable items in the dark shadows of the Rogue Isles Alexis likes to spend her time in the extra-dimensional nightclub Pocket D. Regularly seen hanging around DJ Zero like a good little groupie she flaunts her mutated facial features, her oversized maw smiling broadly letting anyone who looks get a good view of her sharpened teeth.

The accessories decorating her party outfit are made of highly conductive metal, helping to channel her electrokinetic powers just in case she runs into someone she needs to wait for outside the club. Her padded bra is simply to draw her pray in close enough her her to get a good bite.

Known Associates





  • Origins Path
  • Lollipop
  • Midnight Draws Near


  • Devil's Spark suffers from chronic headaches which can leave her incapacitated for days.
  • Being from the future Devil's Spark claims to know the results of all major sporting events which will occur for the next twenty years. She uses this knowledge to supplement her income between crime sprees.
  • When in flight Devil's Spark's electromagnetic field has been know to attract small metallic objects, giving her a glittering tail of shrapnel.