Ghoshawk (Pinnacle)

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Real Name: Lucas Silos
Occupation: Vigilante, Inventor
Identity: Secret
Legal Status: Illegal immigrant in the United States charged with vigilantism, unofficially recognized hero operating in Paragon City, former citizen of Praetorian Earth
Place of Birth: Undisclosed location only known as the Kennel
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Group Affiliation: Justice Avengers
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Origin: Science
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 20
Accolades: None
Primary: Dual Blades
Secondary: Ninjitsu
Other Powers: Speed (Hasten)


One of Dr. Eisenstadt's many "children", Lucas Silos was born (cloned) on Praetorian Earth in Eisenstadt's facility known as the Kennel. Bred as a sort of super soldier, Lucas Silos possesses preternatural mental and physical abilities augmented by rogrous training that has honed the cloned human into a deadly fighting machine. Like most of his kennel mates, Lucas was held in stasis until discovered by Praetor White and indoctrinated into the Powers Division. Most of Lucas's clone mates were cruelly experimented on or used as subjects in various other tests (owing to thier common genetic heritage) with few surviving the ordeal. Lucas was one of those few. Given advanced protective gear, Silos became an instrument of Emperor Cole with Lucas serving faithfully until a series of missions had him question his loyalty to the Emperor. Ultimately Lucas Silos fled Praetoria to Primal Earth both to escape Emperor Cole and to try and prevent a war that would devastate both earths.


As a clone, Ghoshawk has been endowed with preternatural mental and physical abilities. Lucas Silos's physical prowess surpasses peak human physical condition. He is stronger, has more endurance and is faster than an even the best Olympic level athlete by about 15 - 20% for an individual of his height and weight. In some areas such as hand and eye cordination, the difference is even more stark. Ghoshawk's mental faculties are just as astounding rendering him with a genius level intellect particularly in the field of combat tactics.

Ghoshawk's physical senses tend toward the extraordinary as well but still in the realm of peak human condition. Unlike most humans though, his vision, hearing, sense of taste doesn't degrade as he ages.

Ghoshawk is also slightly more resistant to physical injury owing to higher bone and muscle density and has better than peak human resistance to poisons and diseases.


Ghoshawk's standard equipment includes his reinforced composite battle suit, Impervium daggers, and his mask. The last item has seen constant improvement. The original item was little more than a brass mask with colored lenses. the current item is a composite device featuring electro-optically enhanced hyperspecteral vision, a self contained breathing apparatus, and integrated tactical computer/communications device with Wi-Fi/free space optical capability allowing Ghoshawk to hack into various networks. The mask was further modified by ACADI with a cybernetic interface allowing almost entirely hands free operation.

Ghoshawk's Cloak is fashioned from spun beta-carbon nitride impregnated para-aramid nano-weave filaments making it essentially bullet and fire proof. His armor is constructed from leather over a para-aramid micro-weave base reinforced with a light stainless steel chain mesh and backed by dilatant cellular foam padding. The entire suit is has a built in ventilation system that wicks moisture away from the wearer's body and utilizes the evaporative process to maintain a comfortable temperature. Power is provdied by a miniaturized piezo electric generator.