Helix Black 3-7 (Infinity)

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Helix Black 3-7
Player: @Thirty-Seven






Super Group:

The Strands of Fate

Personal Data
Real Name:


Known Aliases:
  • Agent 0-3-7
  • Timothy Barr (FBI)
  • Marcus Corelli (NSA)
  • Alex Carmichael (FBSA)



5' 8"


183 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Marital Status:


Biographical Data
  • Former Malta Operative
  • Ex-Spy
  • FBSA Field Agent
  • Agent 0-0-0 (Father, Missing)
  • Mother (Deceased)
Powers Data
Known Powers:


Known Equipment:
  • Trick Arrows
  • Sonic Gauntlets
  • Teleporter
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Helix Black 3-7, as a trading card.


I was given a unique opportunity due to the strategic position of my father. He was an Operative within Malta Group. He was a man who was rarely around, and when he was, was rarely involved in any way with his family. He was a stranger in my life, a shadow that flit upon the stage of my memory for just enough time to notice... that is until one day when I was about 15 and caught him in a hidden room off of the garage about to establish a secure connection to some higher-ups in Malta. Somehow, he didn't notice I was there, and informed that agent of the mission he was currently working on. I heard everything.

When my father turned around, I just smirked at him, and began to recite a few key details of what he had just told his "handler." It was enough to make my father a dead man, though I didn't know it then. He was left with two choices: kill his only son in cold blood, or figure out a way to get me involved so the information would remain "safe." After some careful conversations with me, he chose the latter method.

Malta TacOpsCommander.jpg

So, I became a subordinate in my father's employ. I served him and Malta proudly until I was about 21. It was on that day that it was my turn to use that "secret" communication office off our garage to report in and also to receive my next set of instructions. I was given the order to kill my father, and to assume command of his operatives. It seemed as though dad had grown a bit sloppy as he aged, and I was deemed his successor.

Seeing as how he was put in a similar position all those years ago and chose to spare me, I made a similar choice. I decided, as soon as I turned off the monitor, that I would rather die than see my father assassinated... especially by my own hand! So, I sent out the order to all of the operatives under the Helix Black umbrella that Agent 0-0-0 (my father) had been killed, a job I had been assigned, and would be leaving my post to locate his killer to determine the motive, since it was not the work of an Agent. Only one Helix Black operative remains active at this point, Agent 5-11-8. It is he who I fear may have been assigned by others to hunt me and my father down, just in case my story didn't pan out.

The Aftermath

Of course, I knew that my story wouldn't pan out if anyone really tried too hard to look into it. But I knew that officially disbanding my cell and claiming that my father had been murdered before I could get to him would do two things: allow my dad some measure of safety (since he is supposed to be dead already), and make me (not him) the main target of future operations.

Now, using some experimental technology that was being tested for a subsidiary group to book-end the Gunslingers, and a set of arrows that have been altered to make use of Malta's proprietary multi-type grenades, I hunt the hunters in an attempt to shutdown the organization that almost forced my father to kill me, and then me to kill my father. It is the Gauntlets I am most happy about... they were the prototypes, and... well, I think it is better that the Gauntlet Officers never got up and running within Malta... the rest of the organization makes enough noise as it is.

A Nemesis?

Agent 5-11-8 still troubles me. In fact, he keeps me up nights sometimes. And I am afraid to call my dad, lest he not answer... or worse, 5-11-8 answers instead. It is my personal mission to find that man, and take him out myself, for the safety of the one piece of my family that yet remains.

Metagame Information

This section pertains to out-of-game information and is included for the benefit of the reader, or to include other OOC information.

I absolutely adore this character. He is a TA/Sonic Defender, and I think he has cemented the idea that I really do like Debuff sets. I like how little Endurance he uses, how he looks, his past and I love that I don't have to mess around with toggles, and teammate focused powers. He is all about turning the enemies into paper-thin cutouts of something that used to be intimidating.

Helix is an ex-Malta member who moved on into heroing, but keeps his old designation out of habit. He is in the level 20 range and moving through the First Ward arcs with my significant other's Tanker. I am rather unsure what direction to take him in once those arcs are completed.

His look was created before Maelstrom was introduced to the game, but he bears a strong resemblance to the character... especially when in a previous iteration he was red and not blue.


All this character's badges are listed here on City Info Tracker.