The Strands of Fate (Infinity Supergroup)

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The Strands of Fate


Founded by:


Date Founded:

March 2008

Super Leader:


Rank Titles
Rank One:

SGroup icon Rank00.png Wielder of Fate

Rank Two:

SGroup icon Rank01.png Fate Weaver

Rank Three:

SGroup icon Rank02.png Fated One

Rank Four:

SGroup icon Rank03.png Herald

Rank Five:

SGroup icon Rank04.png Acolyte

Rank Six:


Appearance Data
Color One:
Color Two:
Emblem Symbol 03.png
Additional Data

The Strands of Fate eagerly help all heroes wishing to find their destinies. All that we ask is that you assist us in maintaining our base through the donation of prestige. In exchange, feel free to use the group to build a team, make use of our base, or as a social hub for your character.

Group Motto:

Entangled by fate, united for justice!

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A symbol for the Strands of Fate SG!


More details to come... Soon™!


Below is a listing of some of the highest ranking members of Strands of Fate, as well as the player behind each of the characters below.

Character Rank Archetype Powersets Player
Arcforce Wielder of Fate Stalker Elec/Ninjitsu @Thirty-Seven
Kinetic Phoenix Fate Weaver Blaster Fire/Mental @Phoenix Cable
Starblaze  ?? Scrapper MA/Invuln @Mallerick
Vincent Marcone Fate Weaver Scrapper DB/Willpower @Dark-Water

Related Supergroups

The Strands of Fate is a mirror to the Justice Supergroup The Legions of Fate and to the now defunct Guardian Supergroup The Tendrils of Fate.


There is absolutely no required uniform for this supergroup.

Metagame Information

This section pertains to out-of-game information and is included for the benefit of the reader, or to include other OOC information.

This SG serves as a repository for every character I make on Infinity. Originally, the name referred to the idea that all of my characters were connected to one another by invisible threads. However, I later realized that there was a piece of salvage in the game by that name as well... and as more and more other folks joined up, it became merely a name more than anything else.