Arcforce (Infinity)

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Player: @Thirty-Seven






Super Group:

The Strands of Fate

Personal Data
Real Name:

Alex Hale




5' 10"


188 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Marital Status:


Biographical Data
Place of Birth:

Port Oakes, Rogue Isles

Base of Operations:

(Dark) Astoria

  • Vigilante
  • Best Buy Employee (Former)

Twostripe (Brother)

Powers Data
Known Powers:
  • Electric Melee
  • Ninjutsu
Known Abilities:
  • Superspeed
  • Low-Level Telepathy
Known Equipment:
  • Caltrops
  • Blinding Powder
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Arcforce, as a trading card.


The Hale family has a long and proud history among mutant circles. With rare exception, most everyone in it has one sort of power or another. Alex's father, Nathan is one of those exceptions, his brother Ian is another. Nathan felt like an outsider and was ostracized by his father (mostly unintentionally), but Ian was made to feel as welcome as possible... after all, his own father was "normal" also. But, Alex was always the favorite son... even before his vast control over electricity and other forms of energy surfaced. Alex and Ian were never all that close as brothers, and grew steadily apart, in fact. By the time Alex had reached High School, Ian had all but moved out and didn't even bother showing up for family gatherings (which usually ended up having many many relatives using their powers as often as possible).

Alex himself was always a bit of a spitfire. He has a short temper, but a warm heart, and enjoys having as much fun as he possibly can (usually at the expense of someone else). He is known in the family for being staunchly loyal to his close friends and relatives, and never shyed away from a fight that meant protecting someone.

Friendships Forged

Arcforce is teamed up with the following members of the The Strands of Fate in a team he refers to as the Fated Ones:

  • Kinetic Phoenix — A phoenix-empowered Blaster
  • Aegis Gold — A self-important glory-hogging claws Brute
  • Starblaze — An intergalactic travelling super-kicking Scrapper
  • Pyroimp — A short but tough fire Controller

The Exploits of The Fated Ones

Since joining up with the above confidants, Arcforce has had more than a few intriguing adventures. At least two of which have been focused directly at him. The first of which was a plot by his deranged brother to take him out and steal his mutation, and the other revolves around a mad quest for Incarnate powers and an old grudge that needed settling.

Hale Storm: A Rivalry

Recently, however, it has come to light that Arcforce's brother Ian, who goes by the villain name of Twostripe, formed a not-so-secret band of assassins (known as the Serpents) to try to discover the orgins of the Hale family genetic gifts... to no avail. In the process, he captured the spirit of his deceased grandfather, kidnapped his father, and sent team after team of assassins to kill Arcforce and his friends so that he could experiment with a sample of his blood! Of course, all of this was born of jeallousy and more than a little bit of crazy. What's even more dangerous, however, is that through these events it was shown that Ian will stop at nothing to get what he desires, but also that he has connections to the Malta Group and the Knives of Artemis.

Were it not for Arcforce's new-found friends, it would not have been possible to put down his plans and survive the various assaults. As it stands now, Twostripe is in custody and due to be incarcerated in a high-security psychiatric hospital specifically designed for the unique needs of super-villains..

The Acolytes: Alpha, Bravo and Gamma

The Acolytes are a team of super-powered individuals lead by Helion (HEE-lee-on) bent on the acquisition of power and stopping any who might be capable of reaching power levels capable of rivaling them.

The team first got wind of this new group through an ex-Serpent by the name of Marcus who wanted to make up for his past involvement with the assassins by helping Arcforce. From there, they discovered a secret invasion force of Arachnoids, a three pronged organization of deadly villains, an underground Arachnoid factory and the new threat of Helion. Additionally, one more potentially disastrous fact came to light: not only has Twostripe now been freed from his prison/asylum but he is working with Helion as the leader of the Bravo Team.

After a hard fought series of battles, against a team of no less than 18 villains, Arcforce and his friends triumphed. They hope that these criminals will stay put away this time.

A Psilent Plea

Psilence, the psychic who the Fated Ones fought briefly at their first encounter with Helion in the burning forest, has reached out to contact the team and wants to help guide them to defeating Helion once and for all. She met an obstacle in that she was unable to locate his mind, and therefore was forced to seek out his lieutenants instead.

Arcforce and the team faced down Two-Stripe (finally taking him out due to some foresight) and the last of his Serpents, stopped a plot to create even more powerful Troll/Destroyer hybrids, shutting down a fledgling alliance between the Fifth Column and the Acolytes, and cutting off a deal between Metalshift and the Freakshow before it can get started. Finally, the team hits on a clue when taking down the ghost Infernal Light and her new cohort, Nightshade.

They learn that Helion, courtesy of Infernal Light's recently conducted ritual, has gone to the source of all flame-powers bestowed by the Well of Furies. The Throat of Flame is the home of Living Flame entities and is where Helion is attempting to complete a lengthy ritual to gain even more power and potentially link himself directly to the Well of the Furies' power. The Fated Ones foil that plan... but it is possible that another means will free him from his current prison.

Other Stories...

More details to come... Soon™!


Arcforce recently began his journey down the Path of the Incarnate. However, he does not walk this path alone. He met a few other folks in Ouroboros just prior to facing the villain, Trapdoor, and through the course of that mission, and those that came after, he became rather close with these other fledgling Incarnates. He hopes to make the rest of this journey with them, and defend them should any of their pasts come back to haunt them... like it did him!

Powers Unlocked

  Active Crafted     Active Crafted
Alpha Incarnate Alpha Agility Rare.png Incarnate Alpha Cardiac Rare.png   Hybrid  
Type Agility Cardiac Type
Judgement Incarnate Judgement Ion Common.png Genesis  
Type Ion Type
Lore Incarnate Lore WarWorks Common.png Mind  
Type Robotic Drones Type
Interface Incarnate Interface Diamagnetic Common.png Vitae
Type Diamagnetic Type
Destiny Incarnate Destiny Ageless Rare.png Omega
Type Ageless Type

Metagame Information

This section pertains to out-of-game information and is included for the benefit of the reader, or to include other OOC information.

Bioflux was created so that I could mess around with Electric Melee... but especially Lightning Rod. Once I had him close to 30ish, it all became a mad dash to get LR, and then once I had it, I realized that I wanted to IO this character. For me, that desire is exceedingly rare. But, I managed to get him to 45% Def on all positions, a Purple Proc in Caltrops, and a bit of +HP to boot. He is a fun character and will likely be one of the only other characters that I take through some Incarnate content.

This character was meant to be the younger, and evil, brother of another character I was playing on Infinty but have since deleted. The idea was for them to have a sort of Cyclops/Havok rivalry, but since the one character was never played, this one drifted from that concept. Then, it was reintroduced when I made Twostripe... and he now fills the role of Bioflux's older and crazier big brother.

Bioflux recently switched servers... and as a result, needed a name change. He now lives on Infinity under the name Arcforce! He will be joining some other in-game buddies in some Incarnate-themed RP once Issue 22 comes out.


All this character's badges are listed here on City Info Tracker.