Kinetic Phoenix (Infinity)

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Kinetic Phoenix
Player: @Phoenix Cable






Super Group:

The Strands of Fate

Personal Data
Real Name:

Demetri Everdeen

Known Aliases:







180 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Marital Status:


Biographical Data


Place of Birth:

Paragon City, RI


Lab Assistant, Genetics Division

Powers Data
Known Powers:
  • Fire Blast
  • Mental Manipulation
Known Abilities:
  • Flight
  • Teleport
  • Fire Mastery
  • Long Range Teleport
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Mutants. Boy they got it rough. The bottom of the super hero food chain, as it were. Those that study magic or infuse themselves with technology get all the credit, while mutants are treated as inferior beings because of their genetic quirks. Birth defects. That’s how those with narrow minds explain their abilities, and it’s spectacularly unfair. Demetri Everdeen was born a psychokinetic. At first, he thought it was awesome; his ability to influence minds and move objects with his thoughts. However, he soon came to realize that his wealthy parents saw it as a social embarrassment. A crisis. A curse.

For a while he simply lived with it, using his telepathy to influence their thoughts so they would just see him as their son and nothing more. Eventually though, he began feeling guilty about manipulating their minds like that. He began to realize that he wanted them to see him as a person, not because of his telepathic influence, but because that's what he is. It was unethical. Wrong.

So he struck out on his own, determined to earn their respect by becoming a celebrated hero, despite his supposed “disadvantage”. Because that’s crap. Mutation is a gift, not a defect. He was determined to prove that to them, so he enlisted in a program for a specific group of heroes, led by none other than the Legendary Statesman.

Hellfire phoenix.jpg

Gift from the Well

While on a task force with Statesman, Demetri was exposed to the Well of Furies, which had just released 4 elemental beings of great power. An ice giant, a rock golem, a wind spirit… and a phoenix. He knew Cimerora was bad news, but nothing could prepare him for this. They began to wreak havok and destruction, vandalizing the landscape and harming innocent people. However, when the phoenix found him, the unexpected happened... instead of causing Demetri harm, the ancient being granted him with abilities far beyond anything he ever had a right to hope for.

Now, Demetri can control fire; fire in it’s entirety. He can release powerful concussive burst or flame from his hands. He can make fireballs and embers fall from the sky. He can take on a flame shadow form, smoldering like a dark cinder. He can even resuscitate himself, if slain, rising from the ashes and born anew. Taking on the title of Kinetic Phoenix, he joined a group of elite Incarnates tasked with maintaining peace in Paragon and driving away the criminals that thrive there.

Though strong willed and fiercely loyal to his comrades, Demetri is plagued by doubt and fear regarding his abilities. He wonders if the powers the phoenix gave him are permanent or fleeting. He wonders what will happen if he's ever reduced to the mediocre psychokinetic he once was. He wonders what his pretentious folks think of him now…


What the future holds

Since early childhood, Demetri has been close friends with a woman named Aurelia Brown. Aurelia is a gifted psychic who sees fleeting glimpses of the future, both distant and immediate. Recently, she's warned Demetri of an impending darkness destined to spread through Dark Astoria. Her prediction details the dissipation of the fog that's famous for blanketing the region, and the dark beings that will invariably be lurking around when the fog clears...