The Legions of Fate (Justice Supergroup)

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The Legions of Fate


Founded by:
Date Founded:


Super Leader:

Agent Inhakos

Rank Titles
Rank One:

SGroup icon Rank00.png Wielder of Fate

Rank Two:

SGroup icon Rank01.png Fate Weaver

Rank Three:

SGroup icon Rank02.png Fated One

Rank Four:

SGroup icon Rank03.png Herald

Rank Five:

SGroup icon Rank04.png Acolyte

Rank Six:


Appearance Data
Color One:
Color Two:
Emblem Ornate 01.png
Additional Data

(Need to check.)

Group Motto:

Entangled by fate, united for destruction!

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A symbol for the Legions of Fate VG!


More details to come... Soon™!


Below is a partial listing of Legions of Fate members as well as the player behind each of the characters below. (Those with Ouroboros Entries will be linked.)

Character Rank Archetype Powersets Player
Agent Inhakos Wielder of Fate Arachnos Soldier Crab Spider @Dark-Water
Pointsphere Fate Weaver Controller Grav/FF @Thirty-Seven
Dead Gus Fate Weaver Mastermind Zombie/Dark @Marius D.
Obsidian Mist Fate Weaver Defender Dark Miasma/Archery @Phoenix Cable
Chupa Macabre Fate Weaver Dominator Earth/Fiery @American Dawg

Related Supergroups

The Legions of Fate is a mirror to the Infinity Supergroup The Strands of Fate and to the now defunct Guardian Supergroup The Tendrils of Fate.


There is absolutely no required uniform for this supergroup.

Metagame Information

This section pertains to out-of-game information and is included for the benefit of the reader, or to include other OOC information.

This SG serves as a repository for every character I make on Justice. Originally, this VG resided on Guardian as The Tendrils of Fate as a direct play off of The Strands of Fate, but when it moved to Justice, I felt that a new name was in order, and The Legion was born! In many ways, it is the main VG now, with the SoF playing second fiddle, especially when one consider the amount of time I play on Justice now.

Dark-Water is in charge of base design for this group, while Thirty-Seven maintains the base on Infinity.