Pointsphere (Justice)

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Player: @Thirty-Seven






Super Group:

The Legions of Fate

Personal Data
Real Name:

Shawn Matthews

Known Aliases:





5' 11"


175 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:

Dk. Brown

Sexual Orientation:


Marital Status:


Biographical Data
Place of Birth:

Paragon City, RI

Base of Operations:

Cap au Diable, Rouge Isles

  • Rogue
  • Thief / Smuggler
Powers Data
Known Powers:
  • Gravity Control
  • Force Field
Known Abilities:
  • Flight
  • Medicine
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Pointsphere, as a trading card.


Shawn Matthews was born in Paragon City, RI in the Steel Canyon neighborhood. Shawn grew up in a typical, all-American family, as an only child with his beloved dog, Essex. He genuinely enjoyed school... well, at least the parts of school that go toward the purpose of school: learning. He loved to learn things, to discover. His teachers were always giving glowing reports of conduct and achievement to his parents.

However, there is no such thing as a story that is nothing but rainbows and butterflies. For, as you may know, a smart well-raised kid like Shawn is a prime target for your run of the mill schoolyard bully. And in Shawn's case, there was not just one dedicated bully, but several. It was like wolves with them: they seemed to travel in packs and circle the "weak" for an easy meal. And much feasting they did at Shawn's expense. And many a night did Shawn go into his room, teary-eyed and pissed at the world. Most of those things, would change sooner than he might have liked, though he wouldn't have ever told you that had you asked him.

There was one thing about Shawn, a secret, that he didn't even know about. He was a mutant. And he was gifted with the amazing ability to alter gravitational forces according to his whim.

On the way home from a particularly horrid experience with a band of hooligans, Shawn was hoping that his walk home would allow him time to get himself under control so his mother wouldn't worry about him. Just as he was beginning to think about his homework and how well he was doing in Algebra, he was pushed —hard— from behind. He had time to think "Really? Today at lunch wasn't bad enough?" before his head collided with a nearby parked car. Instead of just getting up and continuing to walk while trying to ignore it as he usually did, Shawn stood up, and faced his assailant. It turned out to be an entirely different wolf-pack than the ones from lunch.

They were, at first, taken aback when Shawn turned to face them. In fact one miscreant even decided that today was a bad day for bullying and moved himself to the back of the group looking like he might just leave. The rest of them, however, started in with a vengeance before too long. And today, Shawn had had enough. He screamed "Stop it you jerks!" at them. As he did so, his rage focused moreso than ever before... and a vision of the car he had smacked into before swam into his mind as he closed his eyes tightly shut. He kept his eyes closed, as much to hold back tears as to shield him from the seeing the beating that was sure to start any minute... But, when shawn carefully opened first one eye, and then the other, he saw something he wasn't expecting.

What he saw, was the pack of bullies running from him, with the alpha wolf in the lead, his tail between his legs. He also soon noticed that the car he had thought of only for a moment was now crushed into a sphere of twisted metal and broken glass. He stared at the wreckage in a way that was inescapably similar to the way the bullies he sent scurrying had looked at it.

It was a whirlwind for Shawn after that day. Many things changed for him, including the amount of bullying he endured after that day. But what is certain, is that Shawn's life got decidedly less abusive, and even more secretive.

Later Years

About 12 or so years after that car-crushing moment of triumph, Shawn had taught himself enough about his powers, and how to use them that he could not only manipulate gravity offensively, but could also use it to repel attacks from allies. He grew proficient in both arenas and decided that at the age of 25, he could finally join the ranks of Paragon's heroes!

And he did.

He was a fine hero for a time, but eventually he grew dissilusioned by the fact that he continued to see villainy (much like his bullies of years ago) continue to flourish despite the best efforts of the heroes. And so Shawn, who by now had abandoned his moniker of Wylde-Fire and was calling himself Pointsphere, decided that in order to safeguard those who were unable to defend themselves, he would need to acquire enough power to put down everyone who might do harm to innocents. To that end, Pointsphere dedicated his life to gaining power and influence while at the same time demolishing villains and heroes alike. Even such avatars of good like Statesman was only a hair's breadth away from turning into a tyrant himself (as he had in other universes). No one can truly be trusted, not even the heroes that so many admire!

Now, Pointsphere works out of the Rogue Isles along with his Villain Group to acquire power and put down any who stand in his way.


Pointsphere, hearing rumblings of yet more power to be gained has begun the long and arduous journey that is the acquisition of Incarnate-Level Powers! He has become proficient in the areas of Lore, Interface, Judgement and Destiny. Now, his powers are less taxing on his body, he can summon more Singularity-like helpers, can launch chaining energy attacks and can bestow yet greater protection onto his comrades.

Powers Unlocked

  Alpha Judgement Lore Interface Destiny Hybrid
Power Incarnate Alpha Cardiac VeryRare.png Incarnate Judgement Ion VeryRare.png Incarnate Lore Lights VeryRare.png Incarnate Interface Preemptive VeryRare.png Incarnate Destiny Ageless VeryRare.png Incarnate Hybrid Control VeryRare.png
Type Cardiac Ion Polar Lights Preemptive Ageless Control

Trials Mastered

Pointsphere has traveled to the following locations and decimated the obstacles found there, including a number of Incarnate-level foes including:


Pointsphere (and in his previous incarnation as Wylde-Fire) have gone through a bunch of different looks, here are a few.

Metagame Information

This section pertains to out-of-game information and is included for the benefit of the reader, or to include other OOC information.

This character was the first character I ever created for City of Heroes. When I started the CoH Bootleg trial from the disc I got for free from a GameStop, I tried to create a character who was telekinetic. Essentially, I was trying to make the character I would want to be if I had super powers. And so, I stumbled upon Gravity Control and sorta settled on Force Fields. I had originally created this character a few years earlier as a tentative concept for a Hero System RP Group that never really got started, and there, he was called Wildfire. So, I eventually had to settle on the name Wylde-Fire because so many other versions were taken. However, I grew to like the name quite a lot.

Wylde survived innumerable costume changes and minor adjustments to his bio. He underwent countless respecs as well as I learned about the game and what the true purpose of a Controller was. Also, with him being my oldest character he was the one on which I had begun to earn all of my badges, and he became the first character I got to 50... in something like nine months of playing him.

Later, once my main server began to switch from Infinity to Justice, I realized that Wylde was going to get left in the dust, and I was too attached to him to let that happen. As such, I moved him to Justice, turned him into a Rogue, and he came to be called Pointsphere (due to the bubbles and a bit of inspiration from the Zero Point Energy gauntlets used by Syndrome in The Incredibles).


See Pointsphere's Badge Page for which badges he has yet to earn.

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