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Badge ArchitectDevChoice.png This article contains information pertaining to content created through the use of the Mission Architect.
This information is considered non-canonical.
• The content of this article pertains to a story arc that has been granted the status of Developer's Choice
The Wretch's Gift Arc ID: 1008 Author: @Aisynia

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Although it hurts to think about her, the Wretch is afraid for his sister Pia, who has gone missing. Help the Wretch uncover a sinister plot involving the wayward Fortunata, save the universe, and just, perhaps, reunite a brother and sister.

Retrieve knowledge of the Ritual of Alka'Ta from the Lil' Glowy Men
Medium size map, level range 5-54. Contains Boss, Collection, Battle


The Wretch
The Wretch
OK, Wretch think...

[He breathes heavily and taps his hand roughly against his head for a long moment...]

OK! So! Lil' talky men...

[He trails off for a few seconds, but manages to recover...]

Lil' talky men wanna blow up universe... They need sister to do it... maybe... and use... Rich-ew-ul... Right? OK... so... you go learn about rich-ew-ul from lil' glowy men! Wretch know where lil' glowy men are!

[The Wretch marks a place on your map...]

Maybe we learn rich-ew-ul, then find Wretch sister!


Mission Acceptance

The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch say please again!

[The Wretch claps happily...]

Wretch hold fort down!


The Wretch
The Wretch
Hmmm.. Wretch think.. aren't we in the universe...?

[The Wretch notices you've approached him...]

Oh! Hi! You find rich-ew-ul yet? Wretch wonder.

Mission Objectives

Apparently "Lil Glowy Men" means the Circle of Thorns. Great...

  • 2 Bookcases to search
  • Defeat Eimyrja
    • Defeat Summers

Mission Clues

Icon clue generic.png
Eimyrja's Final Words
Before dying, Eimyrja said:

"They wish to unmake everything. We fought, and you were the victor, but you cannot allow them to succeed... they are missing a vital element of the ritual, something artificial, it is why they have returned.. the one named Summers.. you must... not..."

Icon clue generic.png
The Ritual of Alka'Ta, Book One
One of two books which describe a dangerous ritual designed to allow a person to astrally project to an alternate plane as a physical being, but if abused, could potentially collapse the universe by colliding it with the Nether Realms!

Icon clue generic.png
The Ritual of Alka'Ta, Book Two
One of two books which describe a dangerous ritual that could, potentially, be used to destroy the universe! It briefly describes the use of a psychic anchor to catalyze horrific magics, that will then power a machine, which will then collide this plane with Nether Realms, obliterating them both!

Icon clue generic.png
Summer's Orders
This data cube details Summers' orders. Seems that she and her contingent were sent for the second book of Alka'Ta when they realized a major and vital part of the ritual was missing. However, this isn't the only place a copy was kept, and the Nihilists may have already found another copy!

Icon clue generic.png
The Nihilistic Directive Pt. 2
The Wretch knew of a place the Circle of Thorns kept a copy of the Ritual of Alka'Ta, but it was really only a coincidence, as the Circle apparently has a few of those lying around. Furthermore, there are two books that make up the Ritual, and when the Nihilists realized they only had one, they sent operatives out for the second! You managed to stop the Nihilists from attaining this copy, but examination of Summers' orders revealed that the Nihilists knew of the other locations and sent out operatives to multiple sites, just to make sure!

In all likelyhood, they already have a copy of the second book. It would be a good idea to confer with the Wretch, and maybe, find a way of locating his sister.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
V badge BattleDomeBadge.png The Nihilists

Notable NPCs

NPC Dialogue


The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch mad! Lil' talky men there!?

[You explain to Wretch the situation, as best you can...]

OK.. Wretch agree... you find next part lil' talky men need, and...

[The Wretch sticks his tongue out a bit as he scratches his head, thinking really hard...]

When we got it, we make a trap for 'em! Then, we can find Pia!

[The Wretch hugs you... tightly...]

Wretch excited! Widow sometimes say Wretch maybe drink tea...? Wretch don't get it.

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