The Wretch's Gift

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The Wretch's Gift Arc ID: 1008 Author: @Aisynia

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Although it hurts to think about her, the Wretch is afraid for his sister Pia, who has gone missing. Help the Wretch uncover a sinister plot involving the wayward Fortunata, save the universe, and just, perhaps, reunite a brother and sister.


A Purple Flower Petal

This is a petal that fell from a flower Paolo Marino, better known as The Wretch, gave to his sister Pia after helping to rescue her.

It started when the Wretch asked for your help, explaining that his sister had gone missing at her base on Mercy Island. Thinking it would be a simple investigation, he sent you to the base to check for clues, but it turned out, the people who had taken her were still there!

They where The Nihilists. They had taken the concepts of Nihilism to their illogical extremes, believing that life was not only meaningless, but should end. They thought the Big Bang was a mistake, and that that mistake had to be undone by destroying the universe... and they found a way.

You discovered that they were to enact the ritual of Alka'Ta in order to collapse the universe. This Ritual required a psychic anchor, and that anchor was Pia. You needed more information about the ritual itself, and so raided the Circle of Thorns in search of it, encountering a goddess named Eimyrja. You found that the book was in two parts, and that the Nihilists were again one step ahead of you, but the ritual required a unique item...

This item was a Particle Inverter, which you stole from Crey before the Nihilists could get their hands on it. Setting it with a tracking device, you let the Nihilists take it, letting them believe they had won it fair and square, though Eimyrja tried to interfere.

You then tracked them to a place in Croatoa, where the ritual was already underway! You and the Wretch teamed up, and Eimyrja offered to help too. You saved his sister, and then took out the Marshal, the leader of the Nihilists. You also destroyed the Particle Inverter, so that no one could ever use it to try and destroy the universe again.

A brother and sister had a heartfelt reunion, and then once again parted ways.

Mission 1

Search the Arachnos base for clues about the "Lil' Talky Men"

Large size map, level range 1-54. Contains Boss, Collection, A Defendable Object, Patrol

Primary Article: The Wretch's Gift/Mission 1
The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch sad!

[He almost seems like he's going to cry...]

Widow say sister gone! Taken! Widow not happy when Wretch not happy... Wretch want Widow to be happy... but Wretch sad! So Wretch gotta be Happy... for Widow... that means Wretch find sister!

Widow say lil' talky men broke down 'Rachnos base and took sister! Wretch ... MAD! Wretch want find lil' talky men!

But.. Widow say Wretch not good with krit-uh-kul thinking. So Wretch ask you go look! You find talky men, then Wretch SMASH lil' talky men. Wretch give paper, it tell you where to go!



The Nihilists The Nihilists

Mission 2

Retrieve knowledge of the Ritual of Alka'Ta from the Lil' Glowy Men

Medium size map, level range 5-54. Contains Boss, Collection, Battle

Primary Article: The Wretch's Gift/Mission 2
The Wretch
The Wretch
OK, Wretch think...

[He breathes heavily and taps his hand roughly against his head for a long moment...]

OK! So! Lil' talky men...

[He trails off for a few seconds, but manages to recover...]

Lil' talky men wanna blow up universe... They need sister to do it... maybe... and use... Rich-ew-ul... Right? OK... so... you go learn about rich-ew-ul from lil' glowy men! Wretch know where lil' glowy men are!

[The Wretch marks a place on your map...]

Maybe we learn rich-ew-ul, then find Wretch sister!



Circle of Thorns Circle of Thorns
The Nihilist The Nihilists

Mission 3

Steal the Particle Inverter from the Lil' Shady Men

Large size map, level range 30-54. Contains Ambush, Collection, A Destructible Object, Patrol, Battle

Primary Article: The Wretch's Gift/Mission 3
The Wretch
The Wretch
OK! Wretch still mad, but... maybe get sister back soon! Which make Wretch happy!

You got rich-ew-ul and it says...

[The Wretch scratches his head and squints his good eye...]

It need par-ti-kul in-vurt-ur. Wretch say that right? OK! So, we take that from the lil' shady men... THEN we put lil' blinky thing on it, and let lil' talky men take it! Then we follow it!

[The Wretch grins and giggles happily...]

Then Wretch SMASH lil' talky men and save sister! Wretch HATE lil' talky men!

So! Help Wretch? OK!?


Crey Crey
The Nihilists The Nihilists

Mission 4

Go beat up the commander leading the "lil' talky men" on their assault

Large size map, level range 45-54. Contains Boss, Battle

Primary Article: The Wretch's Gift/Mission 4
The Wretch
The Wretch
OK! Wretch think hard....

[The Wretch squints his eyes and taps his head...]

Lil' talky men wanna blow up universe, and want to use Rich-ew-ul to do it, right? OK. For rich-ew-ul, they need Anchor. That Wretch sister Pia!

[The Wretch seems very angry for a moment, but manages to collect himself...]

OK! Then they need in-vur-tur! That mean they use... Anchor and in-vur-tur with magic in rich-ew-ul to make universe blow up! But Wretch and best friend have in-vur-tur! That mean lil' talky men mad and come for it...

[The Wretch has been steadily breathing more heavily, as if talking so much is painful, but he continues anyway...]

'Rachnos smarty guy put blinky on in-vur-tur and take to cave! Lil' talky men go after it soon. Wretch think you go smash their boss, make it look good.



Arachnos Arachnos
Circle of Thorns Circle of Thorns
The Nihilists The Nihilists

Mission 5

Save Pia! And the universe!

Unique map, level range 40-47. Contains Boss, A Destructible Object, Ally

Primary Article: The Wretch's Gift/Mission 5
The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch say please, new best friend help Wretch one more time?

[The Wretch grins with excitement...]

'Rachnos smarty guy say blinky on the in-vur-tur stop in Croatoa. That where Wretch sister Pia is!

[The Wretch cracks his knuckles...]

Wretch go with new best friend to CRUSH lil' talky men! Save Pia!

'Rachnos smarty guy say gotta save universe too... that seem real smart. So we CRUSH lil' talky men leader, Marshal! No time talk more, let's go.



The Nihilists The Nihilists

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