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The Wretch's Gift Arc ID: 1008 Author: @Aisynia

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Although it hurts to think about her, the Wretch is afraid for his sister Pia, who has gone missing. Help the Wretch uncover a sinister plot involving the wayward Fortunata, save the universe, and just, perhaps, reunite a brother and sister.

Go beat up the commander leading the "lil' talky men" on their assault
Large size map, level range 45-54. Contains Boss, Battle


The Wretch
The Wretch
OK! Wretch think hard....

[The Wretch squints his eyes and taps his head...]

Lil' talky men wanna blow up universe, and want to use Rich-ew-ul to do it, right? OK. For rich-ew-ul, they need Anchor. That Wretch sister Pia!

[The Wretch seems very angry for a moment, but manages to collect himself...]

OK! Then they need in-vur-tur! That mean they use... Anchor and in-vur-tur with magic in rich-ew-ul to make universe blow up! But Wretch and best friend have in-vur-tur! That mean lil' talky men mad and come for it...

[The Wretch has been steadily breathing more heavily, as if talking so much is painful, but he continues anyway...]

'Rachnos smarty guy put blinky on in-vur-tur and take to cave! Lil' talky men go after it soon. Wretch think you go smash their boss, make it look good.


Mission Acceptance

The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch say please again, Wretch happy! Almost got sister back!

Wretch not go with you, Wretch got plan! Wretch put Scorpion's hand in water while he sleep. Wretch draw pink roses on Fishy man's face while he sleep! Then, 'Rachnos guy here write note, say, they did to each other, 'cause they..

[The Wretch scratches his head...]

'Cause their secret plan in that cave was ruined! Then they send their guys to that cave to fight each other! That make lil' talky men think they fighting over the in-vur-tur!

[The Wretch claps happily...]

OK, talking hurt. Wretch go now.


The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch miss Pia... hurt so bad think about her.. got make sure Ghost lady safe.. but maybe... Wretch be brother again one day?

[The Wretch looks up at you, realizing you're there...]

I made the Fishy Man and the Scorpion real mad! You beat up lil' talky men yet? Wretch curious.

Mission Objectives

Hoo boy, the sounds of gunfire and screaming can be heard from inside. Seems the Wretch really did tick off the Mako and Black Scorpion factions, and the Nihilists are all mixed up in this too.

... is that the smell of cinnamon and sulfer?

  • Defeat Eimyrja
  • Defeat Aarons

Mission Clues

Icon clue generic.png
Commander Aarons' Last Words
As she faded away, Commander Aarons told you:

"You... have failed in protecting the device... you cannot stop Entropy... the Marshal will succeed... and then you will die as well... everyone.. will die."

Apparently someone called the Marshal is running the show for the Nihilists.

Icon clue generic.png
The Nihilistic Directive Pt. 4
The Nihilists have taken the Particle Inverter amongst the chaos of the cave, as planned. Fortunately, the tracking device will lead you to the place they intent to enact the ritual. Unfortunately, they have exactly what they need, and can collapse the universe if you don't stop them in time - but this is the only way to save Pia, and the universe!

You did learn one important thing though: the Nihilists are led by someone called The Marshall.


Arachnos Arachnos
Circle of Thorns Circle of Thorns
The Nihilists The Nihilists

Notable NPCs

NPC Dialogue


The Wretch
The Wretch
Wretch Happy! Now we wait for blinky to tell us where go!

[The Wretch gives you a big, unsolicited hug...]

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