Agent Vermillion (Champion)

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Agent Vermillion
Player: @Thirty-Seven



Arachnos Soldier
(Bane / Huntsman)



Villain Group:


Personal Data
Real Name:





6' 2"


210 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:

Bald (Brown)

Marital Status:


Biographical Data
Place of Birth:

Nova Praetoria

Base of Operations:


  • Freedom Phalanx
  • Arachnos Agent (Undercover)

Agent Tyrian (Partner)

Powers Data
Known Powers:
  • Huntsman Build
    • Arachnos Soldier
    • Training and Gadgets
  • Bane Spider Build
    • Bane Spider Soldier
    • Bane Spider Training
Known Abilities:
  • Leaping
  • Leadership
Known Equipment:
  • Bane Spider Mace
  • Arachnos Rifle
[ Source ]
Agent Vermillion, as a trading card.


Tina Macintyre and Maria Jenkins have researched Praetorian Earth, for a long time, in a pursuit to safeguard this Earth from danger. Among their many discoveries were a pair of spies whose Earth counterparts are Agent Viridian and Shadow Spider. Though they are notorious Agents of Arachnos on Primal Earth, there, they are heroes working with the Resistance to dethrone Emperor Cole.

Tina and Maria brought them here to work as double agents within Arachnos itself. This should give them unique view-points into the inner workings of the organization while allowing the Freedom Phalanx access to information that could help bring about its demise. Agent Vermillion is joined in this quest by his partner, Agent Tyrian.

Metagame Information

This section pertains to out-of-game information and is included for the benefit of the reader, or to include other OOC information.

Vermillion was the first VEAT I had ever made. He was designed as a duo of Praetorian versions of Shadow Spider and Viridian... before Going Rogue launched. So, a few things about their bios needed to change once new information was available about Praetoria. Another thing that encouraged me to make him in the first place was the idea of making a Huntsman. So, naturally, that was the path I went down for him.

Unfortunately, Vermillion is a very rarely played Alt, and is still sitting at 45 if I recall correctly despite the fact that he was created when you still had to get a villain to 50 before VEATs unlocked. The good news is, that without the drive to make a VEAT I might not have forced myself to play red-side. I wasn't a big fan of the Rogue Isles at the time, but by the time I got a character to 50 there, I was starting to like them.


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