Aggelakis (Justice)

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Aggelakis SM.png

Level 50 Defender
Empathy / Archery / Power Mastery


Aggelakis is an Empathy/Archery Defender of Natural origin. Though her empathy powers manifested late, they are natural to her, not a mutation. Most of her lineage, those that can be traced, are also remarkable empaths. However, due to a strange case of "amnesia" (it's not true amnesia; theories abound that it is magic-related), she remembers none of this.

Her in-game biography has a brief overview of her "at present" story:

Aggelakis (from the Greek word for "angel") is in a perpetual state of amnesia. She remembers no events further back than two weeks, though doctors haven't yet been able to figure out why. Agge does, however, retain bits of learned knowledge if repeated often enough. This in and of itself makes neuroscientists very eager to inspect her, but she suffers from a fear of finding out why she keeps forgetting. To mind readers, her thought patterns seem twisted and not whole.

Aggelakis is exceedingly protective of her bow without quite knowing why. It is almost never out of arm's reach.

Her full background story is still being written.

Art Gallery containing gift art, freebie art, and commissions of Aggelakis. (She is supposed to be depicted with her bow in-frame, but some art does not follow this constraint.)

City Info Tracker list of badges earned.

Note: Aggelakis is based on a character who pre-dates @Aggelakis's introduction to City of Heroes. This is the closest adaptation possible of the original, non-CoH character.

Multiple Builds

Build One

Build One is designed for the most compatibility between teaming and soloing. Aggelakis sacrifices some personal protection in order to better help her team out. Build One is slotted with HOs and Level 50 Common IOs, plus the Blessing -KB Special IO. Her power choices are:

Healing Aura, Heal Other, Resurrect, Clear Mind, Fortitude, Recovery Aura, Regeneration Aura, Adrenalin Boost
Snap Shot, Fistful of Arrows, Blazing Arrow, Explosive Arrow, Stunning Shot, Rain of Arrows
Recall Friend
Hasten, Super Speed
Maneuvers, Tactics, Vengeance, Assault
Power Mastery
Power Build Up, Conserve Power, Total Focus
Veteran Rewards
Sands of Mu, Nemesis Staff

Build Two

Build Two is designed for solo play. She has no teammate-only powers, and picks up much more in the way of utility and self-protection powers. Build Two is slotted with Level 50 Common IOs, with a handful of Special IOs. Her power choices are:

Healing Aura, Recovery Aura, Regeneration Aura
Snap Shot, Aimed Shot, Fistful of Arrows, Blazing Arrow, Aim, Explosive Arrow, Ranged Shot, Stunning Shot, Rain of Arrows
Hover, Fly
Swift, Health, Stamina
Boxing, Tough
Electricity Mastery
Thunder Strike, Charged Armor, Power Sink, Shocking Bolt
Veteran Rewards
Sands of Mu, Nemesis Staff


Slot 1
Armored Agge. This is the suit of armor that Aggelakis gets into when things are expected to be very bad.
Slot 2
Angel Agge. A play on her name, which is based on the Greek word for "angel" (agkelos).
Slot 3
Casual Agge. When she's not disrupting the dastardly deeds of bad guys, she has to have some sort of civilian clothing, right?
Slot 4
Modern Agge. Showing a little less skin than Classic Agge, she steps up to leather pants.
Slot 5
Classic Agge. Agge's second original costume (the first one was a disastrous use of flared pants and brown...brown!). The one she wears most often.