Anactoria (Victory)

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Anactoria, hot-blooded Amazon from New Colchis.

Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Primary: Dark Melee
Secondary: Willpower
Other Powers: Flight, Fitness, Fighting, Super Speed

Anactoria is a brute on Victory server. She is a member of the Worshipful Company of Blackguards.


Heraclea's adventures as a hero in Paragon City brought a new awareness of developments on the outside world to the isolated society of New Colchis. In Anactoria's case, excessive curiosity brought about her downfall.

She would listen with rapt attention to Heraclea's stories about her adventures fighting the Trolls. Heraclea's stories about men who were apparently gifted with superhuman strength and stamina, and that possessed the ability to turn parts of their bodies into stone, aroused restless feelings that she did not fully comprehend.

Possessed by wanderlust, Anactoria took off under cover of night and entered the realm of Hades. She cut a deal with the Lord of the Dead, a deal that changed her, granting her dark powers in addition to her Amazonian stamina.

Unfortunately, her career in the outside world did not go well. She was heartily disappointed to learn that the large majority of men in the outside world lacked the superhuman stamina and durability she had been told about, and even those who had them were not equal to the needs of an Amazon; at least, not equal to this one's. Culture shock was a major issue: the people of Paragon City were quite unaccustomed to her Amazonian aggressiveness. There were incidents.

Burning with frustration, branded as a villainess, and fearing retribution should she ever return to New Colchis, Anactoria fled to the Rogue Isles.


  • Give me something I can feel!


Anactoria is mentioned in one of the fragments of the Greek poet Sappho, as one of her beloveds. This fragment inspired Swinburne to write a long poem, Anactoria, about Sappho's feelings for her. Excerpts:

Head of Sappho, by Simeon Solomon.
I would my love could kill thee; I am satiated
With seeing the live, and fain would have thee dead.
I would earth had thy body as fruit to eat,
And no mouth but some serpent's found thee sweet.
I would find grievous ways to have thee slain,
Intense device, and superflux of pain;
Vex thee with amorous agonies, and shake
Life at thy lips, and leave it there to ache;
Strain out thy soul with pangs too soft to kill,
Intolerable interludes, and infinite ill;
Relapse and reluctation of the breath,
Dumb tunes and shuddering semitones of death....
Ah that my lips were tuneless lips, but pressed
To the bruised blossom of thy scourged white breast!
Ah that my mouth for Muses' milk were fed
On the sweet blood thy sweet small wounds had bled!
That with my tongue I felt them, and could taste
The faint flakes from thy bosom to the waist!
That I could drink thy veins as wine, and eat
Thy breasts like honey! that from face to feet
Thy body were abolished and consumed,
And in my flesh thy very flesh entombed! ...
God knows I might be crueller than God.