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Annihili is a level 17 Mutation Scrapper on the Liberty server, played by @Patteroast. His primary powerset is Dark Melee and his secondary powerset is Willpower. He has pool powers from the Leaping set.

Annihili was created on October 5, 2006 as a Dark Melee/Super Reflexes, but was later deleted. He was remade on March 28, 2008 as a Dark Melee/Willpower.

Annihili is a member of the Team RAWR supergroup.


Annihili is a private investigator whose mutant gifts aid him in his work.


Dark Melee: Smite (1), Shadow Maul (2), Shadow Punch (6), Siphon Life (8), Touch of Fear (14)

Willpower: High Pain Tolerance (1), Mind Over Body (4), Indomitable Will (10), Rise to the Challenge (16)

Leaping: Super Jump (12)

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