Antarcticat (Champion)

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CoH Game Icon.png Antarcticat
Level 28 • Originicon mutation.pngArchetypeicon scrapper.png
Claws / Regeneration
Leaping • Fitness  
CoH Game Icon.png


Hidden deep in the icy continent’s wilderness used to be a secret research station. One of the many experiments involved cold fusion; another, a new technique in gene splicing. When the prototype cold fusion reactor exploded, one of the human researchers’ remains showered a Siberian tiger cub. Crey agents arrived a few days later, alerted to the renegade scientists’ base by the explosion. They found a survivor: a boy, hungry and frightened — and distinctly feline.

The Crey agents took him back to a regular research station, where he was observed and tested. Not so much raised as grown, the boy found that he had kept some of the memories of the human that had fused with his genetic material. “Remembering” that Crey was not to be trusted, he escaped with what rudimentary combat knowledge he had picked up, made his way to Paragon City, and registered under the name Antarcticat, driven by a compelling need to push himself, perhaps eventually to work against Crey Industries.