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Ariolimax is a level 16 Natural Peacebringer on the Guardian server, played by @Patteroast. Her primary powerset is Luminous Blast and her secondary powerset is Luminous Aura.

Ariolimax was created on March 30, 2006.

Ariolimax is a member of the With having tasteball supergroup.


Ariolimax was a pretty ordinary Kheldian (if there can be such a thing as an ordinary Kheldian...), but one day she had a visitor from the future: herself. Her future self had come back to warn her that she was going to be captured by the Council and tortured. They would extract her Kheldian essence by force, experiment on it, and reimplant it, breaking her mind and turning her into a Nictus. The only problem... her future self went completely insane, and hasn't actually told her anything legible. So she follows herself around, trying to stop what would happen.


Luminous Blast: Glinting Eye (1), Gleaming Blast (2), Bright Nova [Bright Nova Bolt, Bright Nova Blast, Bright Nova Scatter, Bright Nova Detonation] (6), Radiant Strike (8), Proton Scatter (10), Build Up (12), Luminous Detonation (14)

Luminous Aura: Incandescence (1), Essence Boost (4), Shining Shield (16)

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