Atomic Lizard-Donkey (Pinnacle)

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Atomic Lizard-Donkey

Atomic Lizard-Donkey is a level 11 Science Scrapper on the Pinnacle server, played by @Patteroast. His primary powerset is Dual Blades and his secondary powerset is Dark Armor.

Atomic Lizard-Donkey was created on October 10, 2007 as a Dual Blades/Dark Armor Brute during beta testing. He was remade on live on November 28, 2007 as a Dual Blades/Dark Armor Scrapper, but was later deleted. He was remade on August 16, 2010.


He's atomic. And a lizard. AND A DONKEY!

(And a member of the Resistance.)


Dual Blades: Nimble Slash (1), Power Slice (2), Ablating Strike (4), Typhoon's Edge (6), Blinding Feint (8)

Dark Armor: Dark Embrace (1), Murky Cloud (10)

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