Basso Profundo (Liberty)

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CoV Game Icon.png Basso Profundo (Terence Howell)
Level 27 • Originicon mutation.pngV archetypeicon corruptor.png
Sonic Attack / Sonic Resonance
Speed • Fitness  
CoV Game Icon.png

Once a small but rising star in opera performances, this highly accomplished singer was stabbed in the back by one too many greedy agents. In the ensuing shouting match, Terence Howell came out the winner; afterward, the autopsy revealed that Howell's agent had not only suffered severe fractures to the back of the skull, but part of his brain and lungs had also been liquefied. Investigators couldn't prove a thing (and Howell himself was genuinely surprised at the outcome); the charges on Howell failed to stick … and, having discovered this newfound power, he went after all the other agents that had gone laughing all the way to the bank.

One short, only one, he was caught — or rather, he suspects, ratted out; and it kills him that he has no idea who it might have been. This time, alas, the murder charges stuck!

Grudgingly forsaking his lifelong wish of someday meeting Johnathan Sonata in person, he took the opportunity Arachnos provided to begin a new sort of singing career in the Rogue Isles.