Bitt Player (Freedom)

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Bitt Player 1.jpg
Bitt Player in full costume
Bitt Player
Player: @BittPlayer
Server: Freedom
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Bitt Player
Known Aliases: none
Age: Mid-20s
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (mixed European decent)
Occupation: Full-time Hero
Place of Birth: Rexburg, Idaho, United States
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island, United States
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents, names undisclosed
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Above-average agility, conditioned reflexes
Unique electricity-projection gauntlets, High-durability flexible-polymer suit, Holographic HUD goggles, Gravity-distortion systems, confiscated Nemesis Staff
Yes, "Bitt Player" is his real name.

Relevant History

Bitt Player arrived in Paragon City in 2005, as a student at Paragon City University's Steel Canyon campus. While he was studying political science, Bitt had come to Paragon in the hope of becoming a hero. It was at PCU-Steel Canyon that he met Elaina Rhysenn, a fellow student with whom Bitt became close friends. In February of 2006, Elaina created the first prototypes of what she called the Tesla Weaponized-Electricity Gauntlets, which she gave to Bitt, knowing of his dreams of heroism.

Bitt took to the life of heroics like a fish to water, rapidly gaining skill and showing an aptitude for many of the aspects of heroism. Elaina Rhysenn later designed and created a flexible-polymer suit which integrated improved Tesla Gauntlets and experimental gravity-distortion systems that greatly improved Bitt's running and jumping abilities, Bitt attracted the attention of the Pentagon, which contracted Elaina to develop prototype military systems, including the mechanical wings integrated into Bitt's current suit.

Current Status

As of November, 2009, Bitt Player is the head of the small, loosely-organized Paragon Titans, and tends to operate exclusively with fellow members of that group. Bitt has very little of what could be identified as a 'civilian' life, prefering to work entirely in the realm of heroism, supported by federal funding. Bitt has, however, been known to appear at PCU as a guest lecturer, usually on the subject of meta-human ethics. Bitt Player has also been known to openly support Conservative-aligned politicians during their election campaigns. Bitt has also campaigned for reduced restrictions on both heroes and civilian law enforcement, on the grounds that Paragon's criminals aren't held back by similar rules. He has also repeatedly had to defend himself against character-assassination campaigns conducted by Crey Industries, which he describes as retaliation against his efforts to expose Crey's criminal practices.


Bitt Player tends to be relatively relaxed, despite the stressful nature of his lifestyle. He professes to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and his right-wing political ideals are well-known. Bitt makes a concious effort to remain adaptable in combat, and shows great respect for police, soldiers, and fellow heroes.


Bitt Player's agility and reflexes have been heightened to levels significantly above human average. This is not due to any pre-existing natural talent, but is instead the result of agility and reflexes being the only things that keep Bitt alive. While his suit provides a measure of protection, repeated or heavy attacks can overcome the suit's protective abilities. This, however, is Bitt's preferred style of combat, and he is fully aware that Elaina Rhysenn could easily build him a more durable suit if he wanted one, but that it would be rather heavier and less mobile.


Tesla Weaponized-Electricity Gauntlets

The primary weapon used by Bitt is a specialized electricity-projection system based on the work of Nikola Tesla, which emits powerful electrical bolts from the hands of large gauntlets integrated into Bitt's flex-polymer armored suit. Originally, the system was simply the gauntlets themselves, but it has grown to comprise most of Bitt's suit, including the arms, the inner layer of the leg section, much of the back, and a set of high-tech goggles. This allows for much greater electrical output, computer-aided targeting, and the opportunity to use the system to power Bitt's gravity-distortion gear.

Gravity-Distortion Systems

These comprise the outer, "pants" layer of Bitt's suit, the boots, and the wings. The pants and boots were the first components created, and Elaina made them with integrated circuitry combined with artificial materials developed by Elaina and classified by the Pentagon due to their strategic value. The result is a system that, when introduced to electrical current, lessens the effects of gravity on the wearer. These grant Bitt Player the ability to jump to considerable heights and distances, but are still limited compared to some true-metahuman means of travel.

The wings are comprised of lightweight metal alloy "bones" which hold a complex pseudo-metal lattice which can manipulate gravity over an extremely localized area. When spread and powered up, Bitt Player can use the wings to fly at a high rate of speed, but he cannot use them to affect gravity around anyone or anything else. The United States Army is considering using similar systems as a replacement for parachutes for the Airborne Rangers.

Recently, Bitt elected to have Elaina reduce the effectiveness of this system to the point that it has no effects outside of its flight mode. This was done to divert the power being used to Elaina's prototype Static Armor system.

Holographic Heads-Up Display

A three-dimensional hologram that projects a Heads-Up-Display in front of Bitt's face. The HUD is projected from Bitt's flight goggles, and is thus only useful when the goggles are being worn over the eyes. The goggles are wirelessly connected to a small processor in Bitt's suit, which uses cameras integrated into the goggles to provide a variety of targeting information and other available data.

Nemesis Staff

Confiscated during a raid on a Nemesis Army supply depot, this appears to be the same sort of staff carried by the Fake Nemesis machines, and functions in the same way, able to throw bolts of energy with significant impact force. Bitt only uses it occasionally, as it is large and difficult to transport, as well as being hard to aim properly. Elaina Rhysenn has dismantled and rebuilt it on three occasions, but she still can't make it interface with Bitt's HUD, or even determine exactly how it works.

Static Armor

A new, experimental system recently developed by Elaina Rhysenn and integrated into Bitt's suit for testing, the Static Armor rig produces an electrical charge which surrounds Bitt, significantly reducing the force of physical attacks.