Blondeshell (Triumph)

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Blondeshell.jpg Blondeshell (50+3)
CreateSymbol Hero.png Originicon mutation.png Archetypeicon scrapper.png
Power Sets: Katana / Super Reflexes / Body Mastery
Final Zone: Atlas Park

Server: Triumph
Player: @Blondeshell


My name is Rachel. At a very young age, I could tell I was different from other children. Even though I was the shortest, skinniest, and ugliest kid in school, I could always run faster, jump higher, and get hurt less often than my friends. My parents, though average, did their best to adapt.

When I reached my 16th birthday, I hit a growth spurt that averaged almost a foot a year. Not only did my height dramatically increase, but the rest of my body also developed at an enviable rate. By the time I entered college, I was no longer the scrawny pip-squeak whom no one noticed, but a towering woman whose presence demanded attention. Only with much counseling did I learn to embrace my extreme physical and social changes.

As I searched for a purpose in my new life, I recalled stories from my childhood of the Heroes of Paragon City. Beginning a strict training regimen, I found my niche with the katana. I now fight to become a leader of justice.


Blondeshell was the first character that "clicked" for me in terms of playstyle. The combination of Katana/Super Reflexes wasn't quite enough to get me past level 6 fighting the Vahzilok in Galaxy City on my original computer (for that, I needed a seriously upgraded machine), but it gave me enough of a taste of potential that I decided to make it my main character. Unfortunately, I made this decision about a week after the first anniversary ended, so I never had a chance to get the Celebrant Badge.

As I logged in for the last time on November 30, 2012, I tracked down the appropriate NPCs to find Blondeshell's stats. Final totals: 5008 hours played, 2628 times logged in. Sadly, I never took the time to look up this information for any of my other characters, but this was by far my most-played toon.


Costume 1 
The original "superhero spandex" version
Costume 2 
Comfortable street clothes
Costume 3 
Costume 4 
Winter outfit for celebrating in Pocket D
Costume 5 
Celestial Armor
Costume 6 
Fancy battle outfit using the "plus" versions of several costume sets. This was her most common outfit over the last couple years.
Costume 7 
A rushed "Schoolgirl" outfit for a costume contest
Costume 8 
"Party Time" outfit. Used mostly on beta server while documenting Issue 24 material at the end.