Blue Storm (Vigilance)

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Blue Storm

Blue storm01.jpg

Character Details
Origin Originicon mutation.png Mutation
Archetype Archetypeicon scrapper.png Scrapper
Primary Claws
Secondary Super Reflexes
Other Powers Fitness // Body Mastery // Flight
Security Level 50
Formal Name Classified.
Gender Gendericon male.png Male
Supergroup The Freedom Academy
Additional information available at City Info Tracker


A hero of Paragon City, Blue Storm is powerful mutant and the current leader of The Freedom Academy.


Aeons ago, Earth was visited by a race of beings as old as the universe. Those beings were known as the "Stellars". In their desire to create and maintain peace and harmony throughout the cosmos, the Stellars used genetic material on the planets they visited to create beings of incredible power. Those beings were then laid dormant, buried deep beneath the surface, and kept in statis in machines beyond our understanding. Those machines monitored the planet, until the time came to awaken the guardians.

The Birth

Buried deep beneath the Earth surface, the machines waited and listened. They recorded every event that took place on the surface, from the fall of meteorites, the conquest of the lands by the Homo Sapiens to the rise and fall of kings of old. They recorded every technological progress man ever made. They recorded every war that ever took place. And patiently, relentlessly, they added, subtracted, correlated information and found it was not time yet. Until the Rikti arrived... Then, the machines awoke from their long sleep and a buzzing sound filled the rooms no humans ever set their eyes on. In a sarcophagus-like container, DNA was combined, dormant mutations were triggered, memory patterns were imprinted and a seemingly Human being was created.

Arrival on the surface

Teleported to Paragon City by the machines, Blue Storm (as he was to be called by the citizens of that town) had not yet reached its full potential. Despite their magnificent complexity, there were things the machines could not simply not teach him. Things he needed to learn before he would fullfill his destiny. He was rapidly recruited by Horus Light and Galaxy I who had decided to put together a training academy. Dedicated, eager to learn, he quickly rose in the ranks and when Horus Light disappeared, he took the lead of the Academy.

Present days

While Blue Storm now concentrates on the most dangerous tasks, from repelling Rikti attacks to raids in the Shadow Shard, he never refuses to help young heroes and continues teaching at the academy...

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