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When an article, category, image, etc. shouldn't exist, please tag it with {{delete}} and provide a reason for why it should be removed. It will add the page to this category. Wiki Admins will occasionally check here to see if anything has been listed.

Candidates for this category should be pages made in error, or pages about individual players and supergroups that are no longer wanted by their owner(s). In many cases, if the mistake is a common one, a redirect to the actual page is often a better idea, to help people who accidentally make a similar error find what they're looking for.

When adding a page to this category, please do not remove all the text on the page first, or make any significant changes other than the tag, to better facilitate judgments calls on what should and will be done with the page.

Thank you for your co-operation, we'll try and evaluate what gets put here in a timely manner!

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