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  1. Add one of the following templates to the bottom of all disambiguation articles:
    • {{disambig character}} - If all entries are characters, use this one.
    • {{disambig supergroup}} - If all entries are supergroups, use this one.
    • {{disambig MA}} - If all entries are MA Story Arcs, use this one.
    • {{disambig fic}} - If all entries are Fan Canon fictional articles, use this one.
    • {{disambig multi}} - If entries include characters, supergroups, Fan Canon fiction, and/or MA Story Arcs, use this one.
    • {{disambig}} - If none of the above apply, use this one.
  2. Add a link to the disambiguation page at the top of each similarly-named article:

Note: If a character is named the same as an in-game entity, place the following template at the top of the page to inform the viewer:


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