Cumulatrole (Virtue)

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Player: @Epelesker
Server: Virtue
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 23
Personal Data
Real Name: Maxgrey Bent
Known Aliases: Cumy, Cloud-Man
Human Mutant
Age: 15
Height: variable
Weight: variable
Eye Color: Considered blue
Hair Color: Either white or brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Ex-Pat Canadian
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Base of Operations: Atlas Park
Marital Status: '
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Gaseous cloud form, generation of natural electricity and rain
Known Abilities

Current Information and In-Game Contact

Cumulatrole is an active character in City of Heroes created March-April 2010, and is located in the Virtue server. He may be contacted by the global handle @Epelesker.

This character is intended for roleplaying scenarios, especially for supergroup activities.

Cumulatrole's human form.


Cumulatrole's early life is under much speculation, though he appears to be quite young by any established standard. His mutant abilities to transform into a vaporpous form manifested in childhood, spurred on by young imagination and the loss of a dear relative. He came to Paragon City to find himself a purpose in life, though he overgeneralized his place as a child in the adult City of Heroes: thus he tended to separate himself by employing a quiet and distant demeanor.

Since his arrival, he has associated with representatives from groups such as the Paragonian Knights and Hero Force, yet his his biggest breakthrough came when he was personally offered an invitation to the New Age Mutants by the Acting Seneschal Gravity Blast. With the prospect of new friends and new adventures, he resolves to throw himself into the group to develop his potential and his inner confidence further than he has ever attempted before.

Powers and Abilities

Cumulatrole can control his body down to the atomic level and metamorph into a vaporopus being: this "cloud form" appears to be much larger than his regular form. He explains that he doesn't consciously control his own form while metamorphosed, and that the cloud's human shape is formed from a sort of molecular memory. His powers give him the ability of flight and generation of natural electricity and freezing rain. He can also rotate at high speeds to form a vortex that tosses enemies into the air.

Cumulatrole does need to maintain concentration of his cloud form if he should need to repair any areas that may be dispersed, which causes him to tire quickly.

Other Info

  • Cumulatrole is generally found on the roof of Paragon City Hall when idle between missions.
  • He claims that the database of Paragon City's hospital recall system has a complete registry of every single atom in his body to prevent any errors of reconstitution, should emergency transport be needed.