Death by Snoo-Snoo!

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Death by Snoo-Snoo! is a Mission Architect story by @Heraclea. MA number 247372.

Contact: Heraclea


A group of Amazons from New Colchis have gone rogue. They've gone back to the old ways, in which we used to capture men - only this time, they've set their sights on Paragon City's hero population!

The poor dears are much too delicate to last long in Amazon custody. They bruise so easily! You need to go to the caves where they have hidden them, and set them free, before they all suffer a fate worse than death!


  • 9 men to rescue
  • Large Troll Cave map
  • Mission length: Short
  • Contains: extreme bosses; no AV/EB


The player will be met by a large ambush upon entering the mission.

  • (Character Name) has come here. (He/She) must appease us or die!

Rescue: Statesman

  • Opening: "This one seems hardly capable of much of anything."
  • On Aggro "He seems weaker than some of the others."
  • Victim speech: "Oh! Heroes! I'm being rescued.  How nice."
  • After rescue: "I just want to get away from these women! I don't belong here!"

Rescue: Infernal

  • Opening: "This one seems to carry a large weapon."
  • On Aggro: "No doubt, he is compensating for something."
  • After rescue: "Talk about being raked over the coals!"

Rescue: Back Alley Brawler

  • Opening: "This one seems more robust than some of the others."
  • On Aggro: "Let's hope he doesn't wear out as quickly."
  • After rescue: "You really didn't have to do that.  I'm a hero.  I'm used to danger. I can handle it. I think."

Rescue: Manticore

  • Opening: "This one seems rather scrawny, and there seems to be little power in him."
  • On Aggro: "I wonder who does his hair?"
  • After rescue: "Promise me you won't tell Sister Psyche.  Please!"