Eire no Kizuku (Protector)

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CoH Game Icon.png Eire no Kizuku (Adrian McKiernan)
Level 46 • Originicon mutation.pngArchetypeicon scrapper.png
Dual Blades / Willpower
Weapon Mastery
CoH Game Icon.png


Adrian McKiernan always knew he was a mutant, with his odd ears and interesting but useless ability to leave faint coruscating contrails in his wake. As he grew up, hearing fantastic tales of the heroes of Paragon City (and in particular those with powerful, useful mutations), he wished desperately to be one of them. Believing it was one way to approximate his dream, he trained extensively in Japan under a swordmaster, tempering his stubbornness and forging it, along with his blades, into something tough and practical. Though he agreed with his sensei that much remained for him to learn, he departed nonetheless, and brought his skills and two long golden blades back to the city. Only recently, however, has he discovered that he possesses the (much more useful) power to displace himself and others through space …