Elauele‘ele (Protector)

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CoV Game Icon.png Elauele‘ele (Paulo Ehekahine)
Level 50 • Originicon magic.pngV archetypeicon mastermind.png
Ninjas / Trick Arrow
Leviathan Mastery
Medicine • Teleportation • Fitness • Concealment

  • Ninjas CallGenin.png Kishu-sama • Negoro-sama • Saika-sama
  • Ninjas CallJounin.png Tarao-dono • Rigyoku-dono
  • Ninjas CallOni.png Akiba-ue
  • Ninjas QuickShot.png Kyu-jomon
  • Arachnos Patron ConeImmobilize.png Luhi • Mano • Niho • Pololi
  • Arachnos Patron TargetedHold.png Oiku (a.k.a. "Spaz")

Paulo Ehekahine. Troublemaker, rebel, vandal, archer. Troubled childhoods may be the product of circumstance and random unfortunate coincidences; but to be given the opportunity to wreak serious havoc, it takes an inheritance. In Paulo's case, it was a bow, presumably handed down through untold generations as far back as Japanese feudalism.

Paulo couldn't have cared less.

He took the bow with every intention of pawning it for as much as he could — but the moment he took it out of its case at the pawn shop, he knew. Spirits really were bound to the bow: one spirit to guide his hand, six spirits to aid him. Too bad he was not the responsible Hawaiian teenager his ancestors had hoped he would be.

How he ended up in the Ziggurat he refuses to tell, but he seems awfully satisfied about it.