Equine (Protector)

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CoH Game Icon.png Equine (Percheron Nicholas Stippel)
Level 28 • Originicon mutation.pngArchetypeicon controller.png
Illusion Control / Force Field
Speed • Fitness • Fighting 
CoH Game Icon.png

Percheron Nicholas Stippel is one of Paragon City's few native-born heroes.

Orphaned at birth, he was adopted by the owners of a farm and horse ranch in Tennessee, and did not see his home city again until his adoptive parents sold the ranch and moved to Woodvale — the year before the Rikti invasion. Then everything happened at once: his home destroyed, his family killed, his body undergoing strange and sometimes painful changes as his mutant abilities manifested, leaving the teenage boy homeless, helpless and all but hopeless.

Somehow he survived the invasion, hiding in the ruins the Rikti left behind. He lived this way for months on end, slowly being driven northward along Paragon Bay by the encroaching dangers plaguing Paragon City.

Not until a group of heroes bailed him out of taking on several Rikti by himself did he realize that his was not the dark, grim fate he had envisioned. Shortly afterward he registered as a hero, describing himself as his favorite animal as a reminder of happier days.